As Trudeau Sells His Soul For Votes, Poilievre Shows Principled Leadership Aligned With Real Canadian Values

Everyone can look like a good leader when things are easy. It’s when things get difficult that the truth is revealed.

Right after October 7th, it was easy for politicians to support Israel.

The horrific nature of Hamas’ terror attack – the unbridled barbarity, savagery, and pure evil – was so undeniable that even the most cynical people could see that Israel had been the victim of something truly anti-human.

And so, right after the attack, Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre sounded quite similar.

Both expressed support for Israel’s right to defend itself.

Both expressed support for Israel’s right to exist.

Both condemned Hamas.

Both spoke in support of the Jewish community.

But that was the easy part.

The tough part is what came after. And that’s when Trudeau & Poilievre started to diverge and show their real character.

As we always see when Israel is attacked, much of the world is deeply anti-Semitic, and thus are just waiting to turn against Israel at the first convenient moment.

Once Israel actually started defending itself, once Israel actually started doing what any country would do in the face of an attack like October 7th – demolish the hostile foreign terrorist organization that committed acts of terror – the demonization of Israel surged.

And of course – given that the ‘pro-Palestinian’ movement is one of the most deceptive and dishonest movements in human history – the demonization of Israel was based on lies.

It started with the claim that Israel bombed a hospital – a claim immediately repeated by much of the legacy press and by the Trudeau government.

In just hours, the claim fell apart, as it was revealed that a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket is what hit the hospital. In fact, it didn’t even hit the hospital, it hit the parking lot. And the supposed ‘500 people’ killed turned out to be a made up number.

But it didn’t matter to those who hate Jewish People.

Protests against Israel surged, as anti-Semites had their ‘convenient’ excuse to unleash their pre-existing hatred.

The Liberal government fed into this, by waiting nearly a week to correct the record, and then doing so in the most quiet and gutless way possible.

And since then, Justin Trudeau, Melanie Joly, and the Liberals have been slowly shifting away from supporting Israel.

They increasingly made statements implying a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas, which culminated in Canada’s horrendous vote at the UN for a resolution that called for a ceasefire which would leave Hamas in power, and which didn’t even condemn Hamas.

And now, Hamas is openly thanking Canada:

We have seen who Justin Trudeau really is:

When it was easy and convenient, he stood with Israel and the Jewish community.

The moment it became difficult, he abandoned Israel, abandoned the Jewish community, and pandered to anti-Semites.

Meanwhile, we have also seen who Pierre Poilievre is.

Poilievre stood with Israel and the Jewish community when it was easy, and he continues to do so now that it has become politically difficult.

This means that Poilievre’s strong words following October 7th were actually genuine, because he continues to say the same things, and he continues to stand with Israel and the Jewish community:

“When it comes to the war Hamas launched against Israel on Oct. 7, Pierre Poilievre says his position is clear…

“We have one position, unlike Trudeau, who says one thing to one group and the opposite thing to another group,” Poilievre said.

“Our approach won’t please everybody, but at least we’re honest with people about where we stand.”

Poilievre accused Trudeau of being against a ceasefire before having Bob Rae, Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations, vote in favour of a one-sided resolution.

He said Trudeau had previously spoken out against a ceasefire but said the Liberal leader changed his mind over donors swearing to withhold funds.

“Then, he sent out MPs from his caucus who represent Jewish ridings to claim that they disagreed with him so that he could say one thing to one group and exactly the opposite to another group,” Poilievre said.

“The message is regardless of where you stand on the

Middle East, Justin Trudeau will tell you anything you want to hear, and then when you turn your back, he’ll betray you.”

Poilievre confirmed that had he been prime minister, there is no way Canada would have backed the UN resolution last week.

“We all want an end to the violence as soon as possible,” Poilievre said.

“The only way for that to occur is to for Hamas to be disarmed, for the hostages to be returned and for the murderers of Oct. 7 to be surrendered. If those things happen, of course, there should be peace, and then we can work towards a Palestinian state and a brighter future for all the people who treasure the Holy Land”…”

By contrast, Trudeau’s strong words following October 7th have been revealed to be empty and manipulative.

This contrast also demonstrates the character of Trudeau and Poilievre.

Poilievre has shown himself to be someone who actually has values, who actually believes in something, who actually believes in defending the values of Canada and the Western world.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau has shown himself to be a borderline psychopath who believes in nothing except holding onto power, and will abandon Canadian values and abandon the Western world in the pursuit of votes from anti-Semites.

In short, Justin Trudeau has sold his soul for votes, while Pierre Poilievre demonstrates the kind of principled leadership this country needs.

Spencer Fernando


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