In Anti-Democratic Move, Liberals Seek To Entrench CBC Funding To ‘Hedge’ Against A Conservative Election Victory

The more the Liberals feel power slipping away, the more they show their contempt for democracy.

The Liberals have been falling in the polls for quite some time, and despite the best efforts of the legacy press and despite an endless stream of Liberal lies, they’ve been unable to recover.

As more Canadians realize that the Liberals are deliberately weakening our country, the Liberals continue to ‘double down’ on their destructive policies.

Instead of changing their policies and listening to Canadians, the Liberals are seeking to entrench their disastrous vision of the country.

And when it comes to the state-run CBC propaganda apparatus, the Liberals are seeking to ‘hedge’ against the Conservatives winning the next election:

“The role of the public broadcaster should be redefined before the next federal election, Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge says, as the Liberals hedge against a possible change in government.

In a year-end interview with The Canadian Press, St-Onge said now’s the time for her Liberal government to begin working with Canadians and experts to define what the CBC should like over the next year and decade.

“And I really want to achieve that before the next election, to make sure that our public broadcaster is (as) well-positioned as possible for the future,” St-Onge said.

Canada’s news and cultural sectors would be at serious risk should the Conservatives form government under leader Pierre Poilievre, St-Onge said, adding it has her thinking about the next election and what she believes is on the line.”

Let’s look at the wording here.

First, to ‘hedge’ against a future Conservative government means tying the hands of that government. And in the context of ‘positioning’ the public broadcaster for the future, St-Onge is presuming that CBC will keep getting government funding.

Thus, what the Liberals are saying here is that they are seeking to make it impossible for a future Conservative government to defund CBC, even if that government is elected on a promise to do so.

Remember, the Conservatives have a massive lead in the polls, and Poilievre has been saying for years that he will defund CBC, so Canadians have already baked that promise into their assessment of the Conservatives, and are prepared to put the Conservatives in power.

We also have to look at the dangerous incentive here. CBC now knows that their only hope of continuing to get taxpayer funding is to keep the Liberals in power, which will push them to be even more biased in favour of the Liberals (if that is even possible).

It’s the same incentive the Liberals are creating in the legacy press, as they make the media dependent upon state funding that will be cancelled if the Conservatives win.

So, what we are seeing here is that the Liberals are turning the entire media into an extension of the state propaganda arm, and much of the media is gladly going along with it.

Every day, the Liberals become more and more anti-freedom and anti-democracy as they feel their power slipping away.

Spencer Fernando


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