A BROKEN NATION: Journalists Are Arrested While The Anti-Semitic Mobs Get Coddled

Anyone who thinks Canada is not broken must be a Trudeau cultist at this point.

The Liberals keep trying to deny that Canada is broken, but only their most deranged and cult-like supporters could possibly ignore the evidence of Canada’s decline that is all around us.

Our economy is broken.

Our immigration system is broken.

Our social programs are broken.

Our justice system is broken.

Our military is broken.

Our gun laws are broken, with law-abiding citizens targeted while gangs and gun smugglers get a slap on the wrist.

And Canada is now being broken at a very fundamental level.

We are watching our foundation of Western Values, and the Rule of Law being destroyed right in front of us, day after day after day.

Rabid anti-Semitic mobs are now completely emboldened to spread hatred, intimidate Jewish Canadians, and spew their opposition to everything Canada stands for.

The police in some parts of the country are even openly admitting they won’t arrest large groups of protestors, even as they seek to stop pro-Canadian counter protestors:

The authorities are simply surrendering to the anti-Canadian, anti-Jewish mobs.

Meanwhile, look what happens when a journalist tries to ask deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland a question:

Let’s be absolutely clear about this: This is what dysfunctional and broken nations look like.

Government-approved protestors are allowed to intimidate others and spread hate with impunity, while those who ‘dare’ to ask a question of a top official are arrested by the authorities.

This is undeniable evidence that Canada’s decline is now rapidly accelerating, with our country being stolen from us more and more with each passing day. We are running out of time to save this nation and return it to what it once was.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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