CONTEMPT FOR THE CANADIAN PEOPLE: The Liberals Knew Their Extremist Immigration Policies Would Make Housing Less Affordable. They Pursued Mass Immigration Anyway.

They know they’re hurting Canadians. They simply don’t care.

As I’ve said many times, the ongoing weakening of our country isn’t some sort of mistake on the part of the Liberals.

Rather, it’s deliberate.

The Liberals are deliberately imposing policies that they know will make life worse for Canadians, but they impose those policies anyway.

The Liberals have made a deliberate choice to put their cult-like allegiance to Trudeau’s radical leftism ahead of the best interest of the Canadian People.

And now, we’ve learned that the Liberals were warned TWO YEARS AGO that their immigration policies would make housing less affordable – warnings they ignored:

“Federal public servants warned the government two years ago that large increases to immigration could affect housing affordability and services, internal documents show.

Documents obtained by The Canadian Press through an access-to-information request show Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada analyzed the potential effects immigration would have on the economy, housing and services, as it prepared its immigration targets for 2023 to 2025.

The deputy minister, among others, was warned in 2022 that housing construction had not kept up with the pace of population growth.

“In Canada, population growth has exceeded the growth in available housing units,” one slide deck reads.“As the federal authority charged with managing immigration, IRCC policy-makers must understand the misalignment between population growth and housing supply, and how permanent and temporary immigration shapes population growth.””

A government that actually cared about the Canadian People would have listened to those warnings, reassessed their policies, and cut immigration.

Instead, the Liberals kept ramping up immigration levels, pursuing a set of far-left extremist immigration policies that are doing significant damage to our nation.

All Canadians need to understand that the Liberals are doing this on purpose. They aren’t a normal government that at least tries to get it right and makes some mistakes on the way, instead they are deeply abnormal government that is deliberately trying to make our country worse.

Spencer Fernando


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