DISLOYAL: NDP Criticizes Campaign Against Houthis, Once Again Siding With Canada’s Enemies & The Enemies Of The Western World

The NDP is increasingly becoming a force that is ideologically hostile to everything Canada stands for.

You’ve surely noticed by now that the NDP always chooses to side with the most backwards, primitive, and barbaric forces in the world even when those forces are arrayed against the Western world.

The NDP – especially under Jagmeet Singh – has become so infected with a radical left ideology that divides the world into the ‘oppressed’ and the ‘oppressors,’ and then labels whichever side is less successful as the ‘oppressed’ and sides with them.

This leads the NDP to side with some of the most horrendous forces in the world.

For example, the NDP was quick to spread Hamas’ false claims of Israel ‘bombing’ a hospital, and refused to retract their repetition of those lies even after it was revealed that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad had hit the hospital, not Israel.

The NDP has also continually pushed for a ceasefire that would leave Hamas in power.

And now, the NDP seems to be siding with the Iran-backed Houthi terrorists who have been attacking global shipping.

After constant warnings, the United States and United Kingdom, with assistance from other allied nations including Canada, finally launched strikes against the Houthis.

In response, the NDP questioned those strikes, and used the exact same narrative that Iran and the Houthis use in trying to tie it all to what is happening in Gaza.

Here’s what NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Heather McPherson said:

As accurately noted by Jay Kowal on Twitter, the NDP is getting dangerously close to being a ‘fifth column‘ within Canada, defined as “any group of people who undermine a larger group or nation from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or another nation.”

“Why are you an apologist for the Iranian regime? They trained & funded Hamas in their sexually sadistic murderous rampage on Israel. Now Houthis join the fight blocking shipping routes because they supply the Jews. The enemies of our nation are Israel’s enemies. 5th columnist?”


The NDP is demonstrating significant disloyalty to Canada, to our allies, and to Western values.

This is not only a political problem, it is a national security problem with potentially existential implications for our nation.

At a time when hostile foreign regimes are building up their militaries and preparing for war, Canada faces the possibility of one of our own political parties – a party that is in the government coalition – working against our country from within at the moment of greatest peril – in effect working for our enemies.

The NDP has become a radicalized force, so far to the left that they seek to undermine Canada’s Western values, undermine our civilization, and even undermine any effort to strengthen our own defences and protect our people from harm.

This ongoing trend from the NDP is incredibly disturbing, as they are putting the safety of Canadians at increased risk with their disgusting disloyalty.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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