WATCH: Poilievre Rips “Fake & Phony” Trudeau For Standing With “Dirty Dictators Like Putin”

Poilievre and the Conservatives have finally had enough of Trudeau’s disgusting hypocrisy on Ukraine.

As I noted in a recent article, any objective look at the overall Liberal record during their time in office makes it obvious that they are a pro-Putin, pro-China, pro-Iranian regime, pro-dictatorship government.

Their energy policies enriched Russia and helped fuel Putin’s war machine. They promised Ukraine a desperately-needed air defence system a year ago that still hasn’t been delivered. They let China subvert our nation and weaken our democratic institutions. And they’re letting Iran intimidate Canadian Citizens and fund anti-Semitism and terror while refusing to list the IRGC as a terrorist group.

Yet, the Liberals are so arrogant that they still think they have some sort of moral high ground.

Thankfully, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives have finally had enough of it.

In Question Period, Poilievre absolutely tore into Trudeau’s disgusting hypocrisy, shredding his pro-Putin energy policies and his hypocrisy on Ukraine, noting that Trudeau would rather “stand up for dicrty dictators like Putin istead of the paychecks or our people.”

You can watch the clip below:

“”He is a fake and he is a phony… Why is it that he always stands up for the dirty dictators like Putin instead of the paychecks for our people?”

Pierre Poilievre accuses Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of aiding Russia under the guise of helping Ukraine.”

Poilievre is 100% right here.

Canada has never had a government that is as pro-dictator as the Trudeau Liberal government. Trudeau’s love for dictators like Xi Jinping, Mao Zedong, and Fidel Castro, combined with his radical energy policies that do the bidding of Vladimir Putin and the Iranian Regime all show how Trudeau despises Western Values, despises Democracy, and despises Freedom.

Spencer Fernando

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