With Steadfast Support For Israel, Poilievre Shows Leadership Where Trudeau Has Failed

Consistency from the Conservatives. Chaos and cowardice from the Liberals.

As the Liberal Party abandons principle in order to pander to the anti-Semitic mobs who hate Canada, the Conservatives have remained steadfast in support of Israel.

This demonstrates a very important contrast between Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

After October 7th 2023, both Trudeau and Poilievre sounded quite similar for a while. Both pledged support for Israel and the Jewish community. Both pledged to stand against anti-Semitism.

Yet, they have diverged significantly since.

Actually, that’s not the right way to say it.

Poilievre didn’t shift at all.

He has remained a steadfast supporter of Israel and has consistently spoken out against anti-Semitism.

It’s Trudeau who changed.

Trudeau – desperate for votes from anyone as he languishes in the polls – made the despicable decision to pander to rising anti-Semitism in Canada.

He chose to side with the increasingly anti-Semitic NDP.

He chose to abandon Israel and abandon the Jewish community.

Indeed, as noted in a recent interview featuring MP Anthony Housefather, Trudeau appears to have completely betrayed a pledge to consistently stand with Israel:

“Watch Housefather describes how Trudeau visited his riding, assured Jewish constituents at a synagogue there would “be no daylight between the Liberal position on Israel with the Conservative position” Since Oct 7 Liberal wedge position is the NDP anti-Semitic one..”horrendous!””

Remember, the Conservatives and Liberals aren’t living in different worlds here.

Conservative MPs are seeing the same unhinged protests. They are surely getting the same crazy threats from the pro-Hamas mobs. They are getting pressured by radical activists.

The difference is that while the Liberals have caved to that pressure and abandoned Canadian Values, the Conservatives have not.

And the deeper meaning of this is that Pierre Poilievre has shown himself to have strong character. He has beliefs and principles he isn’t willing to compromise. He stays true to Canadian Values even under pressure.

Justin Trudeau is the opposite. Trudeau seems to believe in nothing other than perpetuating his own power, even if it means pandering to the worst of the worst to do it.

And so, while Trudeau continues to show how unfit he is to be Prime Minister, Pierre Poilievre is showing why the country will be much better off under his leadership.

Change can’t come soon enough.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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