Sean Fraser Is Very Bad At This

Dude wrecked the immigration system, now he’s bringing his ‘skills’ to the housing file. God help us all.

Some people just suck at their jobs.

We see it in sports all the time.

Some goalies can’t stop the puck.

Some kickers can’t make field goals.

Some receivers can’t catch.

They’re just not good enough, so they have to go do something else.

And that brings us to Sean Fraser.

Fraser – touted by what was most likely his inner circle – as a potential future Liberal leader, is simply bad at being a federal minister.

He’s just not good at it.

It’s that simple.

Canada’s immigration system – once so successful that the right and left in the United States (who agree on almost nothing) both praised it – was destroyed on his watch.

He oversaw and implemented a massive surge in immigration that made housing even less affordable, weakened our public services, weakened social cohesion, drove down our standard of living, and ended the immigration consensus in Canada which was once perhaps the most durable in the world.

Total failure.

Things were so bad under Fraser’s watch that he was shuffled out, and both his successor Marc Miller, and the Prime Minister have tacitly denounced his decisions. Of course, those decisions were also Trudeau’s but the mere fact that he’s trying to distance himself from Fraser is a sign he knows what a disaster it is.

Unfortunately for Canadians, Fraser is still in a position of power.

He’s the Housing Minister, meaning he has now been tasked to fix a problem – unaffordable housing – that he had a huge role in making worse.

And as you can see in the clip below, he still can’t accept responsibility for his massive failures. He is acting as if the insane immigration surge just happened by accident, ignoring the fact that HE WAS THE IMMIGRATION MINISTER WHEN IT HAPPENED:

This means we should expect the housing crisis in Canada to get far worse. Fraser simply isn’t good at being a federal minister.

He doesn’t have what it takes.

And now he’s in charge of housing.

God help us all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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