POLL: Conservatives Lead Liberals By 20 Points

This is another devastating poll for the Liberals and the NDP, who now trail the Conservatives even when their support is combined.

There are two big takeaways from the latest Abacus Data poll.

First, the Liberals continue to be in massive trouble.

The Conservatives lead with 44%, a whopping 20 points ahead of the Liberals who have just 24% nationwide.

Compared to the 2021 election, the Conservatives have gained 10 points, and the Liberals have lost 9 points.

The second key takeaway is that under Jagmeet Singh, the NDP is completely squandering what should have been a historic opportunity for their party.

When Liberal support collapses, it has been a general rule that much of that lost support goes to the NDP. Jack Layton was able to benefit from this as Liberal support dipped in every election between 2005 and 2011, culminating in the ‘Orange Crush’ which saw the NDP displace the Liberals and become the Official Opposition between 2011-2015.

Yet, the ongoing collapse in Liberal support has gone entirely to the Conservatives.

Jagmeet Singh chose the worst possible moment to tie his brand to the Liberal brand, and voters are now judging the Liberals & NDP as a collective unit, rather than as separate parties. Combined with Pierre Poilievre’s excellent communication skills and the undeniable decline of our nation, the NDP is stagnant even as the Liberals crumble.

The Abacus poll puts the NDP at just 17%, down 1 point from 2021. If someone told you a few years ago that the Liberals would be down to 24% and the NDP would have gained no new support, you would have thought they were crazy, but here we are.

The Liberals & NDP combined trail the Conservatives, a testament to how significantly Canadians have turned against the far-left agenda of Trudeau & Singh.

Spencer Fernando


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