Don’t Be Fooled By False Claims Hamas ‘Agreed To A Ceasefire’

More anti-Israel propaganda from the biased media.

As Israel goes into Rafah, the predictable anti-Israel framing has been set.

Supposedly, Israel rejected a ceasefire that Hamas had agreed to just before sending troops into Rafah.

Yet – as with almost every story that casts Israel in a bad light – it turns out not to be true.

There was no ceasefire deal.

Instead, there was a fantasy proposal that would have left tons of hostages under Hamas control, would have forced Israel to leave Gaza, and would have left Hamas in power:

“Just so everyone is clear.

The crazy Hamas ‘ceasefire’

1. Hamas continue to rule Gaza.
2. Israel must leave Gaza completely
3. 100+ Hostages remain in Hamas hands.

Hamas is a terrorist group playing games.
Israel needs to go into Rafah and finish them.”

What Hamas did was respond to ongoing ceasefire negotiations with their own insane proposal, knowing that nobody would agree to it. Then, Hamas – and much of the media – would report that ‘Israel rejected a ceasefire.’

In reality, it’s Hamas that has rejected ceasefire after ceasefire, all because Hamas refuses to lay down their arms and refuses to return all the hostages.

Hamas has also stated that they ‘don’t know’ where many of the hostages are, which almost certainly means Hamas killed them.

And so, Israel needs to go into Rafah and finish the fight:

“Israel is doing the right thing by going into Rafah. History shows genocidal fanatics like Hamas & the Nazis must be defeated, not appeased. After October 7th, leaders around the world said Hamas had to be destroyed, and going into Rafah is necessary to accomplish that.”

Spencer Fernando

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