Jagmeet Singh Posts Cringe Again

It’s a common occurrence.

If Jagmeet Singh is known for anything – aside from tying the fortunes of the NDP to the Liberals at the precise moment Liberal popularity collapsed – it’s trying to set up big-time showdowns and failing miserably.

Remember Singh’s ‘showdown’ with Galen Weston?

Singh hyped it up for weeks, making it into a pivotal and historic moment that would feature the NDP Leader ripping into an unpopular CEO and thus taking up the mantle of CHAMPION OF THE PEOPLE!

Instead, Singh looked like a total fool, had no idea what he was talking about, and made repeated cringy attempts to ‘battle’ Weston, only serving to highlight Weston’s vastly higher level of competence and knowledge.

And now, Singh’s doing it again.

Singh is trying to pretend he lives in the United States and is trying to cast the Poilievre-led Conservatives as anti-abortion.

Since reality doesn’t match up with Singh’s desire for a US-style fight over abortion (the Canadian Conservatives have said they will not impose restrictions on abortion and imposed no restrictions during their near-decade in power under Stephen Harper), Singh is just pretending otherwise:

“Pierre Poilievre has doubled down his attack on women’s reproductive health.

We just moved a motion to force him to stop his attempts to block access to Birth Control and Diabetes Medications.

Conservatives said no.

This isn’t over. I’ll update you on what’s next.”

Of course, it is over.

The Conservatives aren’t “attacking reproductive rights.”

Singh’s attack will go nowhere – just like his party in the polls.

All that’s left to say is that Singh posted cringe again, which is becoming a common occurrence for Canada’s least competent political leader.

Spencer Fernando


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