Young Canadians Feel Worse Than Ever About Their Personal Finances

Worse even than during the pandemic.

Young Canadians are expressing increasingly negative views about their personal finances.

So negative in fact that the numbers are the worst ever recorded in the 16 years of the Nanos Pocketbook Index:

“The Nanos Pocketbook Index, a measure of how people perceive their personal finances and job security, fell to 50 last week, matching its April 2020 low. It’s one component of the broader Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index, which also gauges the public’s expectations about the economy.

Young people are driving the pocketbook index lower. For respondents aged 18 to 29 — who are mostly members of Gen Z, along with the youngest millennials — the index fell to 40, the lowest recorded in its 16-year history.”


Young Canadians’ sentiments on their finances have collapsed in recent weeks, dropping 17 points compared to the end of March.

Those sentiments are now worse than during the nadir of the pandemic.

This is why Justin Trudeau’s talk is falling on deaf ears. No matter what he says, the underlying reality is that he has led Canada into the economic abyss and Canadians are desperate for change so we can start clawing back some of our prosperity.

Spencer Fernando


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