Having Failed In Every Possible Way, The Liberals Have Nothing To Offer But Pathetic Conspiracy Theories

What happened to “Sunny Ways?”

When the Liberals first took office, they struck an optimistic tone.

They crowed about “Sunny Ways” and said, “Canada is back.”

Since then, of course, things haven’t quite turned out so nicely.

Rather than improve the country, the Liberals have overseen the rapid decline of Canada.

Our nation is more divided than ever.

Our immigration system has been wrecked.

The healthcare system is crumbling.

Per capita GDP is falling.

Other peer nations are racing ahead of us.

Our military is falling apart.

Anti-Semitic mobs have free rein on the streets

As a result, ‘Sunny Ways’ are dead.

In the place of ‘Sunny Ways,’ and having failed in every possible way, the Liberals have nothing to offer but pathetic conspiracy theories.

Here’s what one PMO adviser is trying to push:

As noted by Alan Fryer, this shows how desperate the Liberals are:

“All this river of crap is doing is reinforcing how desperate and bereft of big ideas the Trudeau Liberals really are. They’ve completely lost touch with Canadians, they know they’re facing a catastrophic defeat and have entered the thrashing about stage.”


The Liberals look more pathetic with each passing day.

Their contribution to our country has been entirely negative, making Canada worse in every possible way.

Instead of spreading pathetic conspiracies, the Liberals should call an election and give Canadians the chance to free ourselves from their malign rule.

Spencer Fernando

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