POLL: More Canadians Support Poilievre For Prime Minister Than Support Trudeau & Singh Combined

Canadians are rejecting the socialist coalition.

It’s always a bad sign for an incumbent Prime Minister when the Leader of the Opposition becomes the top choice for Prime Minister.

It’s an even worse sign for an incumbent when the combined support for himself and his socialist coalition partner doesn’t match the Leader of the Opposition.

And that’s the situation Justin Trudeau finds himself in.

According to a new Nanos Research poll, 37% of Canadians pick Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre as their top choice for Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, 20% picked Justin Trudeau, and 12% picked Jagmeet Singh.

So, Trudeau & Singh’s combined support still falls five points short of Poilievre.

Hilariously, both Trudeau & Singh trail ‘unsure’, which has 21% support.

This goes to show that Canadians are increasingly judging the Liberals & NDP as one failed socialist coalition, and are desperate for an election to vote Trudeau & Singh out of office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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