SURRENDER: Ottawa Capitulates To Anti-Jewish Mobs, Cancels Yom Ha’atzmaut Flag Raising Ceremony

The country is being given away to anti-Jewish mobs who hate everything Canada stands for.

Power isn’t just about how many people are on one side or the other.

It’s about whether people are willing to use their power.

That’s what makes many extremists so dangerous. They may be small in number, but they are so insanely committed to their evil cause that they outpace the reasonable majority.

And when reasonable people don’t push back, and choose the path of surrender instead, the consequences can be dire.

We’re seeing that right now in Canada, as a relatively small group of anti-Jewish radicals are being given near free rein to spread their hate.

And now, Ottawa has surrendered to them:

“Every year since 2007 there has been a public flagraising in Ottawa to commemorate Yom Ha’atzmaut. Not this year. Intelligence reports suggest hosting a public ceremony poses a substantial risk to public safety. While we thank law and intelligence officers for their diligence, it should never have come to this. Jewish Canadians are unable to live full and flourishing lives out of genuine risk for their safety. Jewish students can’t walk across their campuses. Limiting Jewish participation in Canadian life due to the threat of violence is not acceptable to the vast majority of this country. All levels of leadership must take action to ensure Jewish Canadians are free to live as Jewish Canadians. This means post secondary institutions enforcing codes of conduct, law enforcement taking action and ensuring our streets and communities are safe, and political, faith, business and civic leaders who have remained silent until now speaking out.”

As @griroy said on Twitter, this is an “outrageous capitulation”:

“What an absolutely outrageous capitulation. Diversity is our strength, official multiculturalism, unless an unruly band of hooligans says otherwise. Gutted & disgusted how quickly our values are surrendered to mob rule. #NeverAgainIsNow #BringThemHomeNow

This is how countries are lost: Reasonable people surrender to the hateful mob in the hopes that it will all “just go away.”

But it doesn’t.

Hateful ideologies get stronger – not weaker – when other surrender to them.

The City of Ottawa will say that it’s no big deal. They’re still flying the flag, but ‘just’ cancelling the ceremony. But this is how it starts. Step by step. Small change by small change. And then everyone looks up and realizes Jewish People have been pushed out of public life.


Only strength and resolve – a decisive willingness to stand up for the Jewish community and stand up for Canadian/Western Values – can turn the tide back in favour of what is right.

Spencer Fernando


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