POLL: Opposition To Extremist Campus Encampments Outweighs Support

Even with endless attempts by the legacy media to sanitize the vile nature of the protests, more Canadians oppose them than support them.

A new survey by Leger shows a plurality of Canadians oppose the extremist anti-Jewish encampments on university campuses.

48% oppose the encampments, while 31% support them.

The intensity of opposition also outweighs the intensity of support.

Just 11% “strongly support” the encampments, while 32% “strongly oppose” them.

Opposition is strongest among Canadians age 55+, with 66% of that age group opposing the encampments compared to 21% who support them.

Among Canadians aged 18-34, 45% support the encampments and 28% oppose them.

And among Canadians aged 35-54, 42% oppose the encampments compared to 31% who support them.

This shows a few things.

First, despite the legacy media largely covering up the anti-Jewish, anti-Western, and anti-Canadian nature of the protests, a plurality of Canadians see the truth and oppose the encampments.

Second, many young people are unfamiliar with history and are being swayed by destructive & hateful narratives.

This means Canada – and the entire Western world – must do a better job teaching history and instilling positive pro-Western values in young people, rather than letting radical university professors fill people’s minds with propaganda from hostile states and failed civilizations.

Spencer Fernando


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