Trudeau Liberals Cutting $1.8 BILLION In Pension Funding To Disabled Canadian Veterans


During the 2015 campaign, the Trudeau Liberals pledged to bring back the ‘Pension For Life’ that was popular among many Veterans.

The ‘Pension For Life’ had been replaced with the ‘New Veterans Charter’ under the Paul Martin Government, with the support of the Harper Conservatives who continued implementing it, and the replacement was widely criticized as being far worse.

The Liberals gained the support of many Veterans based on their promise to bring back the ‘Pension For Life,’ and their pledge to increase funding in the program.

However, once they got into power, they did the exact opposite.

In fact, the Trudeau Liberals are slashing a whopping $1.8 BILLION in pension funding for disabled Canadian Veterans.

Here’s what reporter Gloria Galloway wrote about the Liberal program:

“The new pension plan, which will take effect in April, 2019, will save the government money, at least in the short term, and reduce the compensation awarded to many disabled soldiers. During the first four years of the plan, Ottawa will pay about $1.8-billion less, in total, to disabled vets than it would have under programs enacted during the Harper government. And critics say it has gone to some lengths to prevent veterans from having input.”

Think about that for a second.

The Liberals are running massive budget deficits, and never try to save money anywhere, except when it comes to supporting disabled Veterans.

And they totally broke their promise from the campaign.

While the tax havens of the corrupt elites go untouched, while illegal border crossers get tons of taxpayer money, while Bombardier executives get bailed out, the Trudeau Liberals are trying to save money on the backs of disabled heroes who sacrificed everything for our country.

It doesn’t get more disgraceful than that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Orlin Olsen

Trudeau and his regime are not working for Canadians.Promises they made and will make in the future are all lies. Supporting the Trudeau regime is to support the destruction of Canada. He must go.


The veterans are a small voter base, so why should the Liberals care, especially since they have changed the rules to allow Canadians living worldwide (2+ million) to vote in the next election. The Liberals are also banking on the fact that Mr. & Mrs. Canada, most of, will never know about this cut, or remember this cut in October 2019. The NDP party is almost a also ran under their new leader, the Conservatives are now fractured thanks to Bernie. What is next from the Liberals is a real concern. Their gall and righteousness is inconceivable and never ending.


There is not one money promise the Liberals made and kept. They screwed everyone who counted on their promises.

Yvonne jenson

All the money that went thru this pm’s hands was given to other. Ountries & on his never ending vacations. When his lips are moving he is lying… remember to vote and THINK before you place an “x” on that ballot.


I cannot imagine why anyone in the Military, their families, friends and neighbors would consider voting for Trudeau and his Liberals that clearly hate them and doesn’t even try to hide their hatred.

Ken (Kulak)

Not surprising at all, as the Liberals hate the military and have since the 1960s. Kick the military in the teeth when they are down is the Liberal way.

Frances Gruno

How can these Liberal losers even live with themselves? Shame on you all and I pray October 2019 you get the boot.

Moe. S.

It appears Min. of Veteran Affairs, Shameless O’Regan is stealing from Peter to pay Paul. While he’s stealing from our veterans, his boss has been busy ordering a royal fleet of boats for his Harrington Lake cottage. Canada’s very own modern-day pirate, Trudeau has ordered the following fleet for those ‘sunny days’ on the lake. 17 ft. prospector red canoe; 2 kayaks; 2 paddleboards; 1 windsurfer; 1 sailboat; 1 pontoon boat; 1 ski boat.
Billed to? The Canadian taxpayer’s.

Donna Thineault

Cutting anything from any pension is tantamount to theft. We worked for our pensions, we earned our pensions, it is our money and the government has no right to steal it from the people that earned it and fought for OUR COUNTRY. Trudeau is a treasonous thief.

Please tell me – someone, any one – how we can get Canada back again????????


Vote the suckers out Oct 2019!!!


why not cut the pensions of MP


That will never happen EVER!

Raymond of Canada

Trudeau ii continues to follow the path of least resistance . . . be a hero for those who hate Judeo-Christian decency!

shawn harris

The Liberal party hatred of our military and our veterans by the Liberals continues as it has since Pierre Trudeau first started to cut the budgets of our military. The Liberals have always regarded the military as something they must tolerate and can barely bring themselves to respect. For Trudeau to betray our veterans and our soldiers, is the same as betraying Canada and the trust Canadians have in our PM and government. Trudeau is but an arrogant narcissistic elitist who would rather pursue his own desires of being an elite globalist, than fulfill his duty to Canada and Canadians.… Read more »

don morris

I believe the Liberals hatred of the military began in 1968 with the election of WW2 draft dodger Pierre Trudeau. Trudeau probably felt deep down guilt of the fact he chickened out of the world’s largest ever conflict,while so many Canadian families lost members “over there”. The military votes about the same way as the rest of the public,probably because so many of them are politically unaware while working hard at their jobs.There are two types in the military, the career minded soldiers and those to whom it is just a stepping stone to a political career. The Liberals seem… Read more »

LaVerne Keller

If you’d actually read the article you’d know that it wasn’t Harper and the Conservatives that dut the Lifetime pension. It was the Lieberals under Martin Mr Dithers himself that created the new Veterans Charter all the Conservatives did was to try to jigger with that Charter to make it better. Instead they get nothing but the blame for Martin and Lieberals actions.


How can you tell when a Liberal is lying? His lips are moving.

Gord Hockridge

The US had their civil War over a hundred years ago…………it appears Canada’s is just around the corner.

Dale Evjen

We need a new word! Reprobates is not strong enough to describe the Lieberals anymore!!! One of reprobate’s synonyms, namely ‘degenerate’, helps to convey the contempt I have for them to a degree!

Gregory Craig

Just a correction to your article.

You state: “The ‘Pension For Life’ had been replaced under the Conservative government (enforcing legislation supported by the Liberals), and the replacement was widely criticized as being far worse.”

The current system, known as the New Veterans Charter, was introduced by the Liberal government of Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2005 Everybody tries to blame the Conservatives, they did support it. But it was Paul Martin who introduced this change to veterans medical pensions. I know. I got into the old system, just under the wire.

Ed Peebles

We Have A CLUSTER of Liberal Liars running the Government of Canada !

Richard Courtemanche

O’Reagan: A stooge of a stooge.

Don Dorion

If this is true, it’s a truly disgraceful thing to do to veterans! The Liberals pay 10.5 million to a terrorist like Kadhr but take away from a veteran who fights for our country???? How fkn backwards is that? Omg wake up Trudeau, get off your whacky tabacky!

Karen Anderson

Why are people surprised over this,his father taught him well. This creature needs to go !!!!!

Leslie Yager

Absolutely heartless and dusgraceful!


This might be part of the reason why the canadian military, is having a hard time recruiting .