People’s Party of Canada Nominates Their First Candidates For Two By-Elections

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson and Jennifer M. Clarke will be representing the new People’s Party in upcoming B.C. by-elections.

The fledgling People’s Party of Canada has nominated their first ever official candidates to represent the party in two upcoming B.C. by-elections.

The announcement of the nominations was made on Twitter:

“The @peoplespca is very proud to announce the nomination of its first ever candidates in the two upcoming BC by-elections.

@LauraLynnTT will represent the PPC in Burnaby South, while @JenniferMClarke will defend our colours in Nanaimo-Ladysmith.

Congratulations to both!!”

The candidates shared their thoughts on Twitter:

“It is a great honor to represent The People’s Party of Canada as one of their first candidates in our nation. I will represent Burnaby South in what will be a fascinating season in Canadian politics. Maxime is bringing a new kind of leadership to our country…just in time!”

“Thank you all, so much for your great support!”

Here’s what People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier tweeted:

“Go @JenniferMClarke and @LauraLynnTT!

So proud to have two fantastic candidates to represent our party in BC for our first ever electoral fight!

This is a historic moment.”

The by-elections will be the first test of the People’s Party ability to be more than a protest party, and will show whether they can move towards challenging for power and relevance.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Best place ever to find out about potential vote split.


First she ran for school board and lost. Then she was 100% behind Scheer and ran for his party and lost. Now she’s running for Bernier. She seems to have a lot in common with him she stands for anything that might get her elected.


Where and how can I donate to them?

Sewer Rat

I would love to see them win a few seats. I think many people are dismissing the People’s Party out of hand. That’s usually when a party makes the biggest impact. We need someone with a backbone running the country. Not someone who would be better off selling pink puff bakery products.

Sewer Rat

Edit: Although I am not expecting much from BC and their liberal/NDP ways of voting.

Glen Aldridge

If either of these ladies manages to upset the current party it will be a major upset. If it happens to be Liberal that gets upset then maybe Tweedledum will start realizing he is finished.

Ken (Kulak)

All the best to these two candidates.


Can’t help but be very concerned that this is just going to split the Conservative vote and ensure a win for trudeau and spell the ruin of this once great nation.


I agree but you can’t fix stupid people. They will vote for Max Bernier and we will get another 4yrs of Trudeau pathetic leadership, and Canada will be destroyed and Bankrupt!


I think Max Bernier is a terrible person, I think he working for Trudeau because he sure doesn’t care about the Conservative party or us who are Conservative. He is going to spilt the vote, what a traitor, a liberal in Conservative clothing.