TransCanada To Remove ‘Canada’ From Name, Rebrand As ‘TC Energy’


In a disappointing development, TransCanada is planning to rebrand as ‘TC Energy,’ removing ‘Canada’ from their name.

TransCanada has been growing heavily in the U.S., far outpacing growth in Canada.

CEO Russ Girling said, “We believe the name TC Energy clearly articulates our complete business – pipelines, power generation and energy storage operations – and reflects our continued continental growth into an enterprise with critical assets and employees in Canada, the United States and Mexico.”

Speaking to BNN Bloomberg, portfolio manager Lyle Stein pointed out that the company isn’t really Canadian at this point:

“I think it makes sense. This is not a Canadian company, and so I think to take the ‘Canada’ out reflects the reality of being a North American player.”

It’s sad to see ‘Canada’ being removed from the TransCanada brand, and it reflects the growing reality that many energy companies are being forced to look elsewhere for their future survival as a result of excessive regulations, carbon taxes, and the inability of the Canadian government to get basic pipeline projects done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Eric Blair

Just like Toronto Dominion Bank and Royal Bank of Canada don’t mention any connection to Canada in their US business names. They are referred to as TD Bank and RBC in the States. Most Americans probably don’t know of the Canadian connection to these two banks.
You got to do what you got to do in business.

Same goes for TransCanada Pipelines. Now expect TransCanada to move their headquarters to the US next. I would expect a coup within the Liberal Party if something like this happened.


This must have a lot to do with the fact that our Liberal Gov. has screwed the the energy companies righty from the start.

alan skelhorne

so how much did trudeau pay to have this taken down.trudeau is killing canada , even down to names. very sick i would say, but then again were talking mr. anti-canadian, so nothing surprises me anymore.