Canadians Losing Trust In Trudeau’s Ability To Handle Trump

But Scheer is still far behind.

A Nanos poll shows fewer Canadians believe Justin Trudeau is the best Canadian leader to handle Donald Trump.

However, that weakness on Trudeau’s part isn’t translating into increased trust in Scheer.

According to the survey, 36% of Canadians pick Trudeau as ‘best suited to deal with Donald Trump.’

That’s down from 41% and 39% who picked Trudeau in previous surveys.

It’s no surprise that Trudeau’s numbers are down, as Canada was outplayed on the USMCA trade deal, and Trudeau’s weakness on the world stage is undeniable.

However, Scheer is moving in the wrong direction as well on that score, with 18% picking him as best to handle Trump, down from 20% and 21% in past polls.

5% picked Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party, while 3% picked Elizabeth May.

Once again, Jagmeet Singh’s numbers in a poll are horrendous, with only 2% picking him as best to deal with Trump.

When Trudeau and Scheer are compared on the question, Trudeau leads in every region except for the prairies.

So, while Canadians are losing trust in Justin Trudeau to deal with Donald Trump, the Conservatives and other opposition parties still have a long way to go in order to catch up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube