Canadians Losing Trust In Trudeau’s Ability To Handle Trump

But Scheer is still far behind.

A Nanos poll shows fewer Canadians believe Justin Trudeau is the best Canadian leader to handle Donald Trump.

However, that weakness on Trudeau’s part isn’t translating into increased trust in Scheer.

According to the survey, 36% of Canadians pick Trudeau as ‘best suited to deal with Donald Trump.’

That’s down from 41% and 39% who picked Trudeau in previous surveys.

It’s no surprise that Trudeau’s numbers are down, as Canada was outplayed on the USMCA trade deal, and Trudeau’s weakness on the world stage is undeniable.

However, Scheer is moving in the wrong direction as well on that score, with 18% picking him as best to handle Trump, down from 20% and 21% in past polls.

5% picked Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party, while 3% picked Elizabeth May.

Once again, Jagmeet Singh’s numbers in a poll are horrendous, with only 2% picking him as best to deal with Trump.

When Trudeau and Scheer are compared on the question, Trudeau leads in every region except for the prairies.

So, while Canadians are losing trust in Justin Trudeau to deal with Donald Trump, the Conservatives and other opposition parties still have a long way to go in order to catch up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

who takes these polls,trudeau is so far out of trumps league ,he is going backwards,give scheer a chance any body but the little boy clown Turdeau

Robert Anes

I do not trust Trudeau for ANYTHING, I think he still smokes POT every day.

Ben Eby

Trudeau never possessed one iota of ability to handle an accomplished businessman like Donald Trump, he never will, and he quakes in his boots when Trump is nearby. He would love to be respected, or even liked a little by Trump, as his body language clearly indicates, but it won’t happen because they are from opposite ends on the human genome.


Everything was going so well, and then, Hillary lost…

Eric Blair

Handle Trump? Trudeau??? And Scheer would do worst that Trudeau has so far? No way. For starters Scheer is a somewhat conservative like Trump is but no doubt he would follow the advice of someone like Harper in how to deal with Trump such as getting along with him and not try to make points with other politicians by backstabbing Trump. Yeah that would be all that it would take to “handle” Trump.

Denis Proulx

For a start dont let your feelings dictate your political platform…

S Willis

I believe that nonsensical poll like I believe that pigs fly. Junior Trudeau could not beat his way out of a wet paper bag with step-by-step instructions. Sadly neither could Sheer and as far as Singh goes the mere though of him trying to negotiate with President Trump or ANY world leader is downright laughable. The ONLY person equipped to command respect from President Trump is Maxime Bernier. I never thought I would be such a backer of Bernier but the more he speaks, the more what he says resonates with me. Prissy-poo Trudeau walked Canada into a terrible mess… Read more »

shawn harris

This latest survey looks and sounds like it only surveyed, only people living in liberal strongholds like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. How can Trudeau and his Liberals have less support than Scheer and the Conservatives in the polls nationally, but somehow be considered a far better choice to deal with Trump. It doesn’t make sense that a arrogant,conceited, deceitful liar such as Trudeau is, can somehow be believed and trusted to challenge Trump and defend Canada; when Trudeau also gave away all of Canada’s advantage we had over Trump in the NAFTA negotiations. Which left Canada and Canadians worse off.… Read more »


Just look at the way Trump and Turdo are sitting in the photo at the top of the article. Trump, legs open, feet apart, looks ready for battle, even if he wore a kilt. Turdo, legs demurely crossed above the knees, sits like he is wearing an evening gown with a slit skirt. Who is the man in that picture? And more importantly, who is the “rent boy”?