FEARMONGERING: Ahmed Hussen Falsely Claims Conservatives Want To “Militarize The Border”

Will the media call out Hussen for his outrageous lies?

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is ramping up the fear-mongering, once again revealing that Trudeau’s pledge to push a ‘positive agenda’ is total BS.

As the Trudeau government keeps pushing dangerous open borders policies, the Conservatives have been calling for our border laws to actually be enforced.

After all, even federal government signs make it clear that crossing the border outside of official border crossings is illegal.

Yet, instead of doing his job and securing the border, Ahmed Hussen is attacking the Conservatives, and he’s ramped up the fear-mongering to record levels. Here’s what he said today:

“They don’t have a plan. You know what their plan is? To militarize the border and place a CBSA official or RCMP official every 100 metres. We don’t have the resources for that kind of half-baked, impractical plan.”

This is just outright lying from Hussen and it’s a disgrace.

He can’t defend his own performance.

He can’t explain why the illegal crossings aren’t being stopped.

And he can’t explain why Canadian Citizens in need and legal immigrants are being pushed to the back of the line while illegal border crossers get housing and benefits.

Instead, he’s attacking the Conservatives, and engaging in absurd and divisive fearmongering designed to tear the country apart.

So much for that ‘positive campaign’ Trudeau promised to run.

Of course, the media hasn’t called out Hussen as a liar, once again making it easier for the Liberals to get away with their deceptions and lies. That’s why it’s important to help share this article so the truth gets out the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

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Truth, one of the most important things the Conservatives have to get back in the media, we have all been too long without it.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Let the games begin! Draw the line in the sand folks and let’s run this Liberal horde out of office!


“They don’t have a plan. You know what their plan is? To militarize the border and place a CBSA official or RCMP official every 100 metres. We don’t have the resources for that kind of half-baked, impractical plan.”

Hussen reminds Ontario voters that he learned his political ethics directly with Liberal Puppetmaster Gerald Butts and the “Liars-R-Us” McGuinty Mob at Queen’s Park!


You would think the media would see how damaging The liberal’s are. Do they think they will be exempted from the soon to come recession. The 600 million handouts only last so long. When that’s gone, they are gone. Haven’t found a tree that grows money yet! Please use your common sense media and bobble heads. Get your heads out of the sand. When we Canadians go down , you and your families will be coming with us. Justine and Butts are in this only for themselves, no one else….


Oh please Hussen! How insulting you are to the intelligence of the average, typical Canadian thinking that will believe your nonesense, your lies, your deception. Many polls have been taken and the vast majority of Canadians want our borders protected, and our previous immigration system restored as it was one of the best in the world, which made Canada one of the best countries in the world. Under the old rules we even let someone like you in, so I guess it was only a near perfect system.

Major Tom

Hussein needs to be investigated and audited……


The Liberal Party is like a bunch of underaged kids who steal a car for a joyride. You know they’re going to wind up crashing the car. You just don’t know exactly where or when.

Eric Blair

First he says that the conservatives don’t have a plan and then he says that their plan is to militarize the border. What is it: a plan or no plan? This no plan notion comes from what Trudeau has been starting to say about the conservative with them not having an economic plan nor an environment plan like the liberals do. Common theme to be sure… just say that the conservatives don’t have a plan and that way the liberals don’t have to defend their record. It is called distraction. It wont work when many Canadians are unemployed or out… Read more »

Don Taylor

Hussen is a LIAR just like TRudeau

Moe. S.

Trudeau and Min. Hussen do NOT plan on ever stopping the flow of illegal migrants into Canada. Director general of the govt’s ‘domestic immigration programs’ when questioned about possible mass migration similar to Europe? Quote: “Canada is no longer protected from this reality.” Min. Hussen has NO problem with the setting-up and usage of a ‘military facility’ near Cornwall, Ontario for the purpose of housing hundreds of illegal migrants in the event of a mass arrival of illegal migrants. A military tent city. Talk about a “half-baked, impractical plan.” What a hypocrite!!!


Yes despite the lying liberal party bound to destroy this country 2019 will see a liberal minority govt.

Brian Dougan

Militarize the border? That’s a great idea! I’m sure a majority of Canadians would support the Trudope wants the border “protection” officers to blow bubbles. Not much else.

Brian Dougan

Oops. “support the idea.” My visual spell checker let that one get past me.


Should militarizing the Border become necessary due to Liberal treason, then that is what they are forcing Canadians to do. The Liberals have no intention of defending our borders so we have to do it ourselves. Protest at Roxham Road? The RCMP wouldn’t dare do anything except traffic control as it would show they approve of and support illegal invaders and the intentional destruction of Canada by the Liberals.

Do the RCMP realize how badly they have hurt their reputation around the entire world, everywhere except Muslim / dictatorship countries?

Big Priest

If the Canadian government doesn’t militarize the porous border, how do you think, that the illegal immigrants are going to stop crossing the open border?

Maybe it’s time for the citizenry to take up arms, and do the job, that the spineless Canadian military don’t have the back bone to do.


Government of morons and liars. Government of mediocres.