Trudeau Government Has Allowed Thousands Of Illegal Border Crossers Into Canada Without Security Screenings

Nearly 12,000 people who entered Canada illegally – and are still in the country – still have not had a security assessment.

The Trudeau government has repeatedly tried to demonize anyone who raised questions about the potential security risks of having tens of thousands of people enter Canada illegally.

The government repeatedly said that those concerns were unfounded, and that the system could easily handle it.

But now, those concerns about security have been vindicated.

According to a recent report in the (surprisingly) Toronto Star, “Thousands of refugee claimants are living in Canada without having been fully cleared by national security, according to a report that shows a massive backlog in screenings amid a border crisis that began in 2016. The internal government report showed the number of asylum seekers awaiting clearance had exploded sevenfold between 2016 and 2018.”

Currently, a total of 11,745 people illegal border crossers still have not undergone a security assessment.

So, considering the fact that some of those who crossed illegally did so to escape the law in the United States, and that people who could have entered the U.S. illegally from anywhere in the world are now in Canada, that is certainly cause for concern.

This also shows that the system can’t handle the illegal influx.

The immigration and screening system was designed for legal immigration at official border crossings. In fact, it can’t even handle that system, since the backlog of legal immigration applications is massive. And now, on top of all of that, there is a surge of illegal crossings that shows no sign of ending, since the Trudeau Liberals show no sign of actually enforcing our laws.

This puts the Canadian People, and our system of Legal Immigration, at serious and growing risk.

Spencer Fernando

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