CORRUPT COVER-UP: Liberals Kick Media Out Of Justice Committee Meeting, Table Motion That EXCLUDES Discussion Of PMO SNC-Lavalin Scandal

An anti-democratic disgrace.

The Trudeau Liberals are continuing their disgraceful and anti-democratic actions.

A day after the Liberals issued a letter calling for hearings into the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal to be shut down, they’ve moved forward with their total cover-up:

“The media was just kicked out of the Justice Committee as it shuts down to go in camera. @RobertFife asked if we can stay. Opposition says they are moving a motion to make the committee public”

“Here is what the Liberals say they want to discuss instead of #SNCLavalin.”

“I scrummed @iamIqraKhalid the MP who wrote the letter announcing Liberal MPs would shut down the Justice Committee investigation into #SNCLavalin allegations. She did not answer my questions about why the Liberals do not want further witnesses”

This means the Liberals have now fully corrupted the Justice Committee, and fully shut down the hearings into the PMO Scandal.

Despite the fact that Jody Wilson-Raybould has stated publicly that she has more to say and wants to testify further, the Liberals won’t be calling any other witnesses.

This is totally anti-democratic and it is a disgrace.

As I’ve been saying for a long time, this is a Corrupt Cover-up, and only the RCMP and an Independent Public Inquiry can get answers now.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

The Turdeau Lieberals have been a disaster on Canada,the sooner they are gone,then Canada can start to heal itself ,free from the Turdeau corruption

Diane DiFlorio

I don’t understand why the RCMP aren’t already doing an investigation? Does someone in high places have control over that decision too???


then why has the RCMP not stepped in to investigate makes no sense to me ???


Did Trudeau intentionally buy the pipeline so that SNC could be given the contract? Will this massively increase costs to cover SNC bribes? Will some of those hundreds of millions find their way into various levels of the Liberal Party including private funds? Based on the historical performance of SNC, we could expect there will be shoddy and questionable construction which will result in massive oil spills. enviro-fascists will scream for shut down. SNC will make obscene billions, appropriate bribes and donations will be made, the pipeline will be shut down and the economy of Western Canada will be destroyed.… Read more »


The Libs obviously know there will be backlash from this. That means they are willing to take the hit…….because there is something much more serious they are trying to hide. The corruption and rot and stench is insane with these people.


So has an honest Canadian ever wondered if there is a connection between SNC-Lavalin, the Clinton Foundation and Uranium1?


seems some media complicit in this as very very few have even made this a news issue.. if a Conservative kicked them out it would be front page.