Ahead Of Canada Day, Poll Shows Massive Pessimism, Opposition To Direction Of Nation

Poll conducted by CBC backfires as it demolishes establishment narrative.

Ahead of Canada Day Weekend, CBC commissioned a poll by Public Square Research and Maru/Blue.

But if CBC was hoping the comprehensive poll would back up the narrative that they and the establishment elite have been pushing, it backfired in immense fashion.

The poll shows massive pessimism nationwide, and opposition to Trudeau’s agenda.

Here are some of the key numbers:

72% of Canadians are ‘worried or somewhat worried’ about the future for them and their families.

Just 6% are ‘optimistic,’ while 22% are ‘somewhat optimistic.’

The top concern of Canadians is the cost-of-living, with 32% listing that as their top concern. In second place was ‘climate change, with 19% saying that is their biggest concern.

But when it comes to what people want to do about it, half of Canadians say they wouldn’t pay more than $100 a year to deal with climate change, a severe blow to the carbon tax.

Additionally, and vindicating a truth that I and many others have been sharing, a full 78% of Canadians say our country is “divided between ‘ordinary people’ and ‘the elites.'”

There is also opposition to Trudeau’s endless immigration increases. While 77% say they are ‘proud’ of Canada’s tolerance, it’s clear that Canadians don’t believe that tolerance equals ever-increasing immigration levels and are tired of political correctness, as 65% say “we have gone too far in accommodating every group in society.”

56% say they are “worried that accepting too many immigrants would change Canada,” and 47% of new Canadians agree with that statement.

56% also say Canada is on the wrong track.

A whopping 88% of Canadians say politicians are more worried about staying in power than doing the right thing. Almost half (47%), say no party really represents them on the biggest issues.

And while Trudeau talked a big game about ‘reconciliation,’ it’s clear that he has totally failed.

The poll shows 66% of Indigenous Canadians saying they don’t feel respected by the government. 86% say Canada should do more for Indigenous People (69% of all poll respondents agreed). But instead, Trudeau is giving tons of money away to foreign countries.

A majority of Canadians (52%) say Trudeau has done a bad job when it comes to the Indigenous community. And among Indigenous Canadians, 69% say Trudeau has done a bad job.

On the question of trusting the government, 53% of Canadians don’t trust the government to do the right thing.

So, this poll shows massive economic pessimism, a clear sense of a nation divided between Canadians and the elites, opposition to higher immigration, a feeling the country is on the wrong track, cost of living concerns way ahead of concerns about climate change, a sense that Trudeau is failing on reconciliation, and immense distrust of the political class.

This is the total opposite of the narrative we keep getting fed by the establishment, who try to convince us that the economy is great, that climate change is all that matters, and that Trudeau’s words and rhetoric match up.

As we can see, Canadians don’t believe any of that, and the fact that even a CBC poll has blown such a big hole in the establishment message goes to show that millions of Canadians can see through the lies.

Spencer Fernando