Under Trudeau Government, Canada Has Fallen From 8th To 18th On World Press Freedom Index

Hiding behind ‘woke’ ‘Sunny Ways,’ the true face of the Liberals is deceptive authoritarianism.

The Trudeau government talks a big game about ‘defending the media’ and the ‘free press.’ They regularly pose as the defenders of journalism, and claim that the Conservatives are the opposite.

Yet, the reality is the exact opposite.

While the Harper Government certainly had a strained relationship with the biased left-wing press, it turns out that the press was more free under the Conservatives than under the Liberals.

As reported by The Post Millennial, Canada has fallen a full 10 points on the World Press Freedom Index.

In 2015, we were in 8th place. Now, we are in 18th.

Of course, we recently saw this anti-press freedom event on display, when Chrystia Freeland – ironically attending a ‘Defend Media Freedom’ conference, tried to block two Canadian journalists from asking questions:

“When reporters Andrew Lawton of the True North Centre, and Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel sought to ask Freeland a question, it appears that she tried to exclude them, only relenting when (to their credit) other reporters refused to hold a scrum unless Reid and Lawton were included.”

While the Trudeau Liberals are eroding press freedom, they’re also rigging the system in their favour for the upcoming election, by restricting ads on social media and with Liberal John McCallum calling for China to interfere in our election.

So, behind the ‘sunny ways’ facade, the reality is that the Trudeau Liberal government is moving in an increasingly-authoritarian direction, something that should disturb all Canadians.

Learn more about how press freedom is eroding under the Trudeau Liberals

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Time to send sunny ways to non party status. For everybody’s good.

William Jones

I am not sure how many times I have mentioned it on FB, but I have predicted that Trudeau has been a wannabe dictator since he became P.M. for at least two years — at first brushed off as being a tad ‘hyper,’ or some other such comment and wishing to become the first dictator in North America and/or Canada — it now appears as though my comments had some merit.

Richard Courtemanche

His plan to desecrate the country is working.

Doug Robilliard

All I can say is Fight back for our Rights and Freedoms! friend