BREAKING: Trudeau Launching Federal Election Wednesday

Will visit Governor General to dissolve the 42nd Parliament.

PM Justin Trudeau will visit the Governor General tomorrow, seeking the end of Canada’s 42nd Parliament and triggering the official start of the federal election.

That means the campaign will last 41 days.

As the campaign begins, the Liberals & Conservatives are locked in a close race, with BC and Ontario emerging as the most closely-contested battlegrounds.

The Conservatives have a significant opportunity to make gains, with many Canadians angry at the broken promises of the Trudeau government, and feeling pessimistic about their economic situation.

However, the opportunity for the Conservatives is tempered by the collapse of the NDP, the possible vote-split from the People’s Party, and the bias of the establishment press.

Things have already turned-ugly, and Canada appears set for our most negative and divisive election campaign in many years.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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So the Lieberals will now run on their own campaign money and not on the taxpayers dime, but are they are still giving different areas huge amounts of taxpayers money back to them in “promises” to get their votes?


Expect a billion in campaign promises today & tomorrow. How many times can trudeau fly across the country burning more jet fuel ?

Major Tom

A Conservative vote is still a UN vote!

Don Taylor

Now is the time to get rid of this no brainer Turdeau after all his mistakes and scandals that he walks away from ,when the average person would be punished


Well, with all the scandals that have come out & are still coming out, if the east reelects him & his coterie of crooks, (they (libs) just voted against mp’s paying back illegal funds) then there is no hope for the country & Alberta & the west must secede & let the easy wallow in their own corruption.


I really hope my riding flips to the conservatives but it’s unlikely. May will probably not only hold it but pick up Green seats on Vancouver Island. Since I moved here 26 years ago this area has gotten more and more left wing.