Loyal Canadians Support Western Canadian Oil Over Foreign Oil

Make your choice.

It’s time to start talking about loyalty to Canada.

While the corrupt elites are trying to cast Western Canadians as disloyal for talking about separation, we know that is 100% false.

In fact, Western Canadians have been loyally contributing to our country for years, with a massive percentage of the schools, roads, infrastructure, and substance of our nation existing as a direct result of the Western Canadian energy industry.

The reality is that it’s really the corrupt elites and corrupt governing class who are disloyal.

They have allowed foreign propaganda – much of it funded by American billionaires – to enter our country and turn many Canadians against the energy industry.

And now, we have the disgusting and frankly absurd situation in which we find ourselves:

Those who govern our nation are trying to choke the life out of Canada’s oil industry, while still allowing foreign oil imports to enter our nation.

Basically, they faced the following choice:

1 – Canadians profit from the oil industry.

2 – People from foreign countries profit from the oil industry.

And they picked 2.

They decided to enrich foreign countries and citizens of foreign nations, instead of supporting their fellow Canadians.

That is totally unpatriotic, it’s un-Canadian, and it is 100% disloyalty towards Canada.

There’s no other word for it.

So, it’s not Western Canadians who should be on the defensive about loyalty, it’s the corrupt elitist governing class who should be made to answer for their attacks on their fellow Canadians and their disloyalty to our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


As Canada faces an increasing risk of breaking apart, we need independent Patriotic voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Don Taylor

Kevin O Leary said it right Turdeau and his elitist thugs are TOXIC to Canada

Roger Shelswell

I am loyal to Canada and live in Ontario. As far as I am concerned now I do not live in Canada. To me, Canada starts at Ontarios west border and ends at Albertas west border. The west are the real Canadians and I plan on moving there to join them.No real Canadian would have voted for the corrupt liberal government. Only foreigners and potheads and socialist-minded empty heads could vote for these heathen criminals. NOT REAL PATRIOT CANADIANS.

Eric Blair

I would go further into BC than just the eastern border with Alberta. In fact I would venture to say you could go as far as Langley in the Fraser Valley. If the people living in the eastern part of BC were to join Wexit then there would be much left of BC.

old white guy

Roger, one of my concerns as I grew old was that when the world changed for the worse, and it has been, everywhere, that I would be too old to take serious action to help reverse the slide. Looks like I have reached that point, there will be no leaving for me. By the way one vote is not worth squat in this socialists backwater.


Right on Spencer, as usual. You have probably all read the propaganda in our lefty media, it is unreal and really stupid, very un Canadian but then look at Un Canadian lieberals voted back in by un Canadians and the divisions they prefer and break up of Canada as they wanted, Globalists lieberals, but have you read these un truthsand slander: Andrew Scheer got what he wanted, control of the west, and is dividing Canada up? The tail is trying to wag the dog and take over Canada? Of course all the comments on how dirty Canada’s oil is? Andrew… Read more »


One other comment from an east coast news media was an article on how the prairies by not voting lieberal have cut themselves off from getting any help from the east, again this is sickening to read really creepy so un Canadian.


Help from the East?? Was that article published while yet another Saudi / Nigerian oil tanker was unloading? This sounds like the garbage we hear from Quebec about how many billions the West gets in trensfer payments from Quebec.


That sums it up nicely.

Clive Edwards

This is the most important issue in Canada right now. Mulroney sold us out with NAFTA, Turdo is doing the same with the new version – both dictated by the Yanks. The Crown has done us no favours lately, nor does it protect us. Canada needs to seize Sovereignty and act like a true nation state – something the globalists are trying desperately to prevent. Canada needs to leave the North American union; and if Canada does break up into regional states it must beware of the Yankee dragon drooling to devour us.

Melissa Williamson

You are more of a yank than most Mericans 😉

Brian Dougan

I’d be more concerned about the threat of the very real Chinese Dragon. It’s already devouring us…piece by piece; person by person; city by city; university by university; tech theft by tech theft. We are physically related to the Americans–not to the Chinese. Beware the Red Dragon.

shawn harris

Trudeau has shown himself and his government to be the most disloyal, by their constant lying, deceptions and treating Canadians as enemies within our own country.Trudeau is the most disloyal PM Canada has ever had. He has shown his disloyalty on numerous occasions, such as when he recently waived duties of 240 million dollars on Chinese steel and then allowed the Chinese to supply all of the 42 billion dollars of steel needed to build the new liquified natural plant in BC,instead of awarding the project to Canadian steel producers. Remember Omar khadr, his disloyalty was rewarded by the disloyal… Read more »


Thank you for this Spencer. Can I change one thing….not “for years”….but generations (in our home 5th and 6th generation).


Before you lay the blame on big bad Mericans, first look at who your country is importing oil from….its not USA. So the lobbies and lobbyists are probably more than likely to be Saudi, Iran, or any other middle east country. Canadians need to get the chip off their shoulder about America, because if it wasnt for them being north of your border, you wouldn’t be speaking either English or French!


Yup, and the Canada-hating Trudeau made sure the foreign oil is carbon tax exempt!

old white guy

All liberal socialists are disloyal to Canadians.