Loyal Canadians Support Western Canadian Oil Over Foreign Oil

Make your choice.

It’s time to start talking about loyalty to Canada.

While the corrupt elites are trying to cast Western Canadians as disloyal for talking about separation, we know that is 100% false.

In fact, Western Canadians have been loyally contributing to our country for years, with a massive percentage of the schools, roads, infrastructure, and substance of our nation existing as a direct result of the Western Canadian energy industry.

The reality is that it’s really the corrupt elites and corrupt governing class who are disloyal.

They have allowed foreign propaganda – much of it funded by American billionaires – to enter our country and turn many Canadians against the energy industry.

And now, we have the disgusting and frankly absurd situation in which we find ourselves:

Those who govern our nation are trying to choke the life out of Canada’s oil industry, while still allowing foreign oil imports to enter our nation.

Basically, they faced the following choice:

1 – Canadians profit from the oil industry.

2 – People from foreign countries profit from the oil industry.

And they picked 2.

They decided to enrich foreign countries and citizens of foreign nations, instead of supporting their fellow Canadians.

That is totally unpatriotic, it’s un-Canadian, and it is 100% disloyalty towards Canada.

There’s no other word for it.

So, it’s not Western Canadians who should be on the defensive about loyalty, it’s the corrupt elitist governing class who should be made to answer for their attacks on their fellow Canadians and their disloyalty to our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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