Pierre Poilievre Leaves Door Open To CPC Leadership Run

“It’s too early to say what’s going to happen” says Poilievre.

Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre is leaving the door open to a possible run for CPC leader.

Following a press conference on the Liberals fiscal update, Poilievre had this to say when asked if he had categorically ruled out running:

“It’s too early to say what’s going to happen. There will be lots of people who will put their names forward. What I do know is that we need someone who will stand up, fight back, and win.”

Poilievre did note that he does not currently have “any campaign organization”.

Poilievre certainly has support among some of the Conservative base, and his clips slamming the Liberals are wildly successful on social media.

And, as you can see in the Twitter poll conducted among the over 30,000 people who follow me on Twitter shoes nearly two-thirds wanting Poilievre to enter the race:


Poilievre likely doesn’t have the kind of establishment backing enjoyed by people like Peter MacKay, but Poilievre’s strong communication skills and ability to motivate core Conservative voters could make him a strong candidate.

Spencer Fernando

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Steve Richards

The sad reality is that nine of the last eleven Prime Ministers for this country have come from Quebec(please correct me if I am wrong Spencer).That is one of the main reasons we are in the mess we are in in this country. I did not realize that Mr. Poilievre is a born and raised Albertan and agree that at this moment he would be a good choice. The bigger issue though is Western Canada cannot wait around again for another dangling carrot. The time has come and it is time to go. The Liberals have shown their true colours… Read more »

Dave French

Pierre POILIEVRE for our next CONSERVATIVE PM.!!
● MP POILIEVRE will defeat Trudeau in a blink of an eye.
● Give POILIEVRE all the backing he needs to succeed as the new
● CPC Leader & he will WIN with his excellent Communication Skills & he can & does motivate-inspire Conservative Voters now & he will have voters from the other political parties also giving their votes to POILIEVRE.
● Canadian voters are completely disgusted with everything Liberal & Trudeau and voters will gladly switch political parties to rid Canada of all the Liberal trash that is infesting our country.


Conservatives are fortunate to have Poilievre as MP . He has been and will be an immense asset to the party going forward: whether Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Deputy PM or whatever he chooses.


I can think of no better choice for CPC leader than Pierre Poilievre! If he doesn’t speak French, I’m sure the taxpayers could pay for a translator to be at his side at all times. After all, we paid for The Turd’s kids’ play set and too many vacations to count!