Where The Hell Is That Promised Help For Canada’s Energy Sector?

Two weeks ago, Bill Morneau said it was “hours away.” So where the hell is it?

Two weeks ago, finance minister Bill Morneau said support for Canada’s beleaguered energy sector was “hours away.”

There’s still nothing.

The sector is imploding, with oil at stunningly low prices, Alberta facing the possibility of horrific 25% unemployment, and an immense amount of jobs on the verge of being lost – if not having been lost already.

Also, despite the fact that our energy sector is an essential part of keeping the nation alive, as we would literally be starving to death without gas powered trucks and truckers hauling essentials across the nation (not to mention that medical equipment that is made of plastic), the sector is still being allowed to crumble.

Apparently, there is said to be an internal push among some Liberal cabinet ministers (showing immense disloyalty to Canada), who are seeking to stem any support for the sector, seeing it as their chance to collapse the industry.

Of course, that would simply leave Canada 100% dependent on foreign oil, and push Canada into a full-on prolonged economic depression, along with guaranteeing Western Separatism and the breakup of the country.

Support must be given NOW, and any delay as an act of economic sabotage against our nation and against the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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