#TrudeauWorstPMever Is Trending On Twitter

Following Trudeau’s humiliating UN Security Council loss, Canadians are expressing their thoughts.

With the Trudeau Liberal government being roundly humiliated at the UN, Canadians are expressing their opinion on Trudeau wasting tons of our tax dollars and abandoning Canadian Values only to lose at the UN anyway.

As a result, #TrudeauworstPMever is trending on Twitter:

“#Canadians deserve a refund after all the $’s thrown away to get this! #TrudeauworstPMever”

“#TrudeauworstPMever U.N. understands with JT you just can’t fix stupid ! Norway and Ireland beat us , two of the worlds worlds great influencers, how sad is that !!!! Three countries , two seats and JT is left standing, billions wasted !!”

“MILLIONS upon MILLIONS were given to Third World Dictators to try and win a TEMPORARY Seat in the UN.
Trudeau LOST thank god but taxpayers are on the hook!#TrudeauWorstPMever”


“The first PM who put dictators’ interests ahead of Canadian interests #TrudeauworstPMever”


That’s just a sample of what Canadians are saying. Head over to Twitter to get a full look at #TrudeauworstPMever.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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