If Payette Leaves Early, Canada Must Have An Immediate Election

With only a minority government, and mired in massive scandal, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals cannot be trusted with the power of appointing a new Governor General.

Julie Payette has rapidly lost support among Canadians and across the political spectrum.

With the Liberals refusing to back her, and with many Opposition MPs angry as well, Payette may end up leaving early, even if she isn’t pushed out (which would be challenging in a legal sense).

Of course, even if Payette leaving early is a good thing, the problem is that Trudeau – who appointed Payette in the first place – would get to pick her successor.

Given that he is increasingly mired in corruption and only has a minority government, that must not be allowed to happen.

If Payette leaves early, Canada must have an immediate general election.

Trudeau and the Liberals cannot be trusted with the appointment of a new Governor General, not without the Canadian People having a say.

There is far too big a risk that the Liberals would try to appoint a party stooge who would seek to further corrupt our political system to keep Trudeau in power against the wishes of Canadians.

The Opposition must make clear that they will bring the government down when and if Payette steps down or is removed from office.

We cannot allow Justin Trudeau – who has so clearly shown that he will abuse the power he gets – to have even more power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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