China Is Expanding Their Slave Labour Camps Into Tibet

Will the cowardly politicians and corrupt corporations continue selling out to China?

The ruthless Chinese Communist Party is expanding their slave labour camp program into Tibet.

The program, which is already widely used in Xinjiang, is being increasingly used in Tibet.

According to Reuters, China is forcing Tibetan rural labourers off their land, and forcing them to work in military-controlled ‘training facilities,’ where they will be ‘trained’ and then forced to work in factories.

As we know, many corporations, including many corporations virtue-signalling about ‘social justice,’ have profited from slave labour in China.

Already in 2020, about 15% of the entire population of Tibet has been forced into this slave labour program.

Notably, China is also blocking all journalists from entering the region unless they have official permission, raising concerns about what crimes are happening on the ground.

The ‘training centres’ regularly focus on ‘ideological training,’ meaning pro-Communist Party indoctrination.

As noted by Reuters, China had initially denied that an such slave labour camps existed, but then tried to brand them as ‘vocational centres.’

“The Tibetan program is expanding as international pressure is growing over similar projects in Xinjiang, some of which have been linked to mass detention centers. A United Nations report has estimated that around one million people in Xinjiang, mostly ethnic Uighurs, were detained in camps and subjected to ideological education. China initially denied the existence of the camps, but has since said they are vocational and education centers, and that all the people have “graduated.””

As China continues to commit horrible crimes, every politician and corporation who continues feeding into China’s wealth must be held accountable.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube