Conservative Party Unveils New Logo

It is clearly based on the Royal Canadian Air Force logo, connecting the party to O’Toole’s service as a Helicopter Navigator.

The Conservative Party of Canada has unveiled a new logo.

Considering that the previous logo has been in use since the early 2000’s, it was certainly time for a rebranding change.

The new logo is clearly based upon the Royal Canadian Air Force logo, which is quite fitting considering Erin O’Toole’s service as a Canadian Helicopter Navigator.

“We are united and strong. We will be bold and proud. We are going to be here for every Canadian and every family. We will put Canada first. That is what our new logo will symbolize for everyone.”

The new logo is a clear improvement, and connects Canada to the great heritage of our Canadian Air Force.

The logo also makes the red maple leaf more prominent, which is a smart branding move considering how the maple leaf and the colour red is so closely associated with Canada’s flag.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter