Liberals To ‘Amend’ Broadcasting Act For First Time Since 1991, Raising Threat Of Internet News ‘Regulation’

Will the Liberals move forward with Communist-style plans to give the government power over what is and isn’t considered ‘news’?

As reported by Blacklock’s, the Liberals are planning to make amendments to the Broadcasting Act.

Those amendments would be the first changes to the act since 1991.

And while it’s called the ‘Broadcasting Act,’ it is widely believed these impending changes aren’t about TV or radio, but are about the Liberal obsession with regulating and controlling internet news and opinion.

As noted by Blacklock’s, Liberal heritage minister Steven Guilbeault “would not say if he will press ahead with unprecedented regulation of internet news media as broadcasters: “Do we try and change everything under the sun?”

Of course, as we remember from early this year, Guilbeault said all media online would need a government license:

Under massive backlash, Guilbeault walked back those comments.

However, as I’ve said repeatedly, the Liberals weren’t giving up on that idea, they would simply seek a sneakier way to pass it through.

And now, it is quite possible that is exactly what they are doing.

In their arrogance, they think we are all distracted by the CCP Virus Crisis, and think people won’t notice a few amendments to the Broadcast Act.

We must prove them wrong.

If the Liberals push forward with internet regulations in an attempt to silence or control their critics, we must make it clear to all Liberal MPs that they will be severely punished at the polls if they vote for an anti-freedom Communist-style internet regulatory scheme.

We cannot let the Liberals get away with it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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D Met

Of course they are. Now that the majority of people have given up newspapers and te-lie-vision and turned to the internet as their primary news source, the lying Liberals need to maintain control over the state propaganda in order to continue controlling the masses. Nothing like a nice obedient populace to control.

Ethan McCulloch

Britian, Australia, and New Zealand see police knocking on peoples door to question them about tweets, fb posts, and other online comments. Canadian must stand up as a beacon of liberty in the commonwealth, rights must be exercised if we wish to maintain them. We will make our voices heard loud and clear across the free world

Garlet Farlett

This sounds increasingly like Soviet Russia (or, Orwell’s 1984) with the state controlling WHERE you get your information from and WHAT they want you to see. This is very scary times we live in.

Beverley Campbell

Listen, if this man named Guilbeault doesn’t know enough to get a decent haircut, how could anyone possibly believe anything he has to say?


Anyone who votes Liberal in the future is ignorant of history! Slowly we inch…

Richard Guyatt

Time for Radio Free Europe to open a new franchise….Radio Free Canada!!


Don’t kid yourself; the brain dead Canadian sheep wont ever stand up for themselves; not even if Turdeaus’ next move is to cancel elections permanently. They live contentedly in front of their idiot boxes imbibing a steady diet of mind numbing professional sports, Canadian Idol, dope, and booze. They are totally oblivious to their coming destruction at the hands of their Globalist masters and their Green Weenie/Death Cult proxy army.


Free speech is paramount!! Countering this amendment is one of the most important thing we as Canadians need to do. Don’t wait till any election. Mail your MP’s a letter stating you do not wish this amendment to be passed. Don’t wait to be further classified as “human capital”


Guilbeault looks like a deer in the headlights.

Did the Liberals talk about reforming the Broadcast Act during the last campaign ?
Why is this so important, and what exactly needs reforming ?