As International Travel Continues, Quebec To Impose Authoritarian Curfew On Citizens

This has gone far beyond what any government should be allowed to do in a supposedly ‘free’ and democratic society.

The Quebec government is set to impose a curfew on citizens, ordering everyone to be indoors by 9pm.

It’s the kind of authoritarian move that shouldn’t be possible in a ‘free’ society, yet here we are.

Even as their stricter and stricter measures continue to fail to stem the rising tide of cases, and even as politicians continue travelling and continue to keep the borders and airports open, the Quebec government plans to massively restrict the rights of citizens.

Here’s how the National Citizens summed it up:

“”TWO WEEKS TO FLATTEN THE CURVE” Quebec Premier François Legault is set to announce a 9pm curfew and a further expansion of the police state measures that saw a family dragged from their home on New Year’s Eve. The full-scale lockdown begins Saturday.”

Notice how politicians never admit that in a free country people are supposed to have the right to follow this advice or not. ‘Lockdowns’ should have been purely voluntary measures.

Further, once politicians decided that international travel would continue, they effectively decided that they wouldn’t be trying to stop the virus, and thus can’t justify any restrictions within their own jurisdictions.

Now, we are going to witness the appalling hypocrisy of people being punished by an authoritarian curfew, while people are still flying in and out of the province.

How much longer will people put up with this?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Gerri Page

Trudeau is going to start bringing in more laws once sleepyJoe is official POS. Republican Senators are harassed, invasion of their property by Antifa and the police won’t or can’t do anything and judges rule. I feel for our children and their future. Trudeau has to go. Remember, Great Nations collapse within. The warning is there. Greed, power and control is the enemy.


Welcome to Agenda 21!!!
Are you enjoying the Great Reset so far? It’s just beginning.

fed up

This is tyranny, folks. We’ve arrived.