Authoritarian Police State: Quebec Government Sends Message To Everyone In Province Warning Of ‘Police Surveillance’ & Demanding Compliance With Curfew

This should never happen in a free society.

We are witnessing the normalization of authoritarian police state tactics.

The politicians who let their colleagues travel, travelled themselves, and failed to protect the vulnerable in long-term care homes, are now imposing measures that would seem at home in Communist China.

Here’s the message that was just sent out to all cell phones in Quebec:

“Every cell phone in Quebec, Canada just got this emergency alert: “police surveillance has been increased”. The curfew is an unconstitutional disgrace. We are opening a Quebec office of our project and we will provide free lawyers in English & French.”

Let there be no mistake, these are the tactics of an authoritarian police state.

Every politician who claims to be ‘conservative,’ and who claims to support individual freedom and limited government must stand up against this.

Politicians cannot be allowed to take away our freedom, regardless of them using a crisis as the supposed excuse.

Those disturbing messages being sent out above are simply incompatible with a free society, and speaking out against it is the imperative of all citizens who value our rights and freedoms.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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