Conservative MPs Will Decide Sloan’s Political Fate Wednesday

There is surely an intense internal debate over whether Sloan will be expelled or not.

Tomorrow morning, Conservative MPs will decide whether to expel Derek Sloan from the CPC Caucus, or defy Erin O’Toole.

It is expected the vote will take place in the morning, after over 20 MPs signed onto an effort to request Sloan’s presence in the CPC Caucus be ‘reviewed,’ passing the threshold to trigger the vote.

It will be a secret ballot, undertaken around 11:00 pm eastern time.

A simple majority will be required either way.

O’Toole’s effort to remove Sloan came after left-wing Press Progress reported that Sloan ‘accepted’ a donation from white supremacist Paul Fromm.

It was later revealed that Fromm had donated under the name Frederick P. Fromm, and that the Conservative Party took a cut of the donation and expressed no concerns.

Additionally, Fromm had – until today – a CPC membership, and was slated to virtually attend the CPC convention, but the party has since taken action to prevent that.

These further revelations have raised questions about what is really going on, with many criticizing O’Toole for his rapid about-face on Sloan (O’Toole once bragged about supporting Sloan staying in the CPC Caucus), and for what appears to be a clear effort to use a pretext to remove Sloan rather than make an honest and principled case for his removal.

Spencer Fernando