Canadian Government Issues Grovelling Apology To China For T-Shirt, While China Hasn’t Apologized For Kidnapping Two Innocent Canadian Citizens

This is the kind of weakness that makes people feel Canada can be pushed around without consequence.

Communist China has never apologized for kidnapping Canadians Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor.

The two Michael’s remain in custody, in rough conditions.

Again, China has never apologized for this, and continues to keep them locked up under what everyone knows is a politically-motivated move to try and punish Canada for honouring our extradition agreement with the United States.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government has issued a grovelling apology to Communist China for a T-shirt.

A shirt worn by some Canadian Embassy in China staff that said ‘Wuhan Clan’ a play off the ‘Wu-Tang Clan’, angered the Chinese government, since they thought the logo on the shirt looked like a bat.

Evincing a clear guilty-conscience, the Chinese government went crazy over the shirt, as they do over anything that reminds the world of the basic fact that COVID-19 emerged from China and spread in large part due to the Chinese Communist Party suppressing information at the beginning.

In response to China’s anger, the Canadian government issued a grovelling apology:

“The Embassy of Canada wishes to convey our sincere regret that the private production of T-shirts for embassy staff featuring Wuhan and the logo of a popular hip-hop group has offended public sentiment in China. These T-shirts were not produced to make any statement, political or otherwise, and we regret the offence they may have caused.”

On Twitter, Ezra Levant notes how weak it was for Canada to apologize for a shirt, while China hasn’t apologized for what they did for kidnapping Canadians:

“Justin Trudeau issues a groveling apology to the Chinese dictatorship for a Wuhan joke.

China kidnapped Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig 791 days ago. No apology for that though.”

This kind of weakness on the part of the Canadian government is why many countries – including China – feel Canada and Canadians can be pushed around and disrespected.

We don’t need to be bullies, and we don’t need to mistreat people. Real strength isn’t about treating others badly. However, issuing an apology for a t-shirt is also the opposite of strength, it is weakness. We need to show that as Canadians we can stand up for ourselves, and we shouldn’t be issuing any apologies to a country that continues to keep our innocent Citizens in prisons.

Spencer Fernando
Photo – YouTube


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