So-Called Federal Government ‘Anti-Racism’ Training Is Actually Deeply Anti-Canadian

A clear effort is being made to indoctrinate people into opposing the ideas of individual rights and individual responsibility that are at the heart of the Western Civilization upon which Canada is based.

The Post Millennial has reported on the so-called ‘anti-racism’ training being pushed by the federal government.

And as absurd as you may have imagined it would be, the reality is probably even worse.

Right off the bat, it refers to Canada as “a colonial settler society”:

“Canada — a colonial settler society — is a concept based on many myths, including European discovery and harmonious multiculturalism.”

And it includes the graphic below, which is deeply disturbing:

Individualism, objectivity, and the written word are literally the foundations upon which Western civilization is based.

To somehow claim this is ‘white supremacy’ is not only insane, but it is deeply dangerous.

Ironically, it’s also deeply racist, as it somehow implies that non-white individuals aren’t interested in individualism or objectivity.

That would certainly be news to the countless people who come to Canada specifically to be in a society where individual rights and an attempt to seek the truth are highly valued, rather than brutal authoritarian regimes that expect people to believe in lies.

It gets even more messed up.

Rather than at least acknowledge that individuals of all backgrounds can be racist (just consider how much racism there is in China for example), the document instead claims that racism is only ‘racism’ when it comes from white people:

“While assumptions and stereotypes about white people do exist, this is considered racial prejudice, not racism,” participants are informed. “Thus, racial prejudice can indeed be directed at white people (e.g. ‘white people can’t dance’) but is not considered racism because of the systemic relationship to power.”

Then, the ‘training’ goes on to discuss ‘overt white supremacy’ and ‘covert white supremacy’:

Look at some of what they include:

To start with, they use the horrendous BIPOC term, meant to mean black, indigenous, person-of-colour, an absolutely absurd lumping together of a bunch of different people.

Then, it claims ‘colourblindness’ is ‘covert white supremacy,’ despite the fact that the entire idea of reducing racism is about judging people for their character and actions, rather than skin colour.

It goes on to claim “expecting BIPOC to educate you” is ‘covert white supremacy,’ setting up a situation in which someone who is seeking to reach out to someone of a different skin colour is apparently racist for asking questions and trying to learn more.

It’s insane, and doesn’t make sense. And that’s entirely the point.

Reading this, I have a sense of incomprehension and feel like it must be a joke.

But it’s far from a joke.

It’s being put into the heads of workers across the federal government, just as it is being pushed at many universities and corporations.

A growing segment of our population has bought into this, and is seeking to push it on others.

And the fact that it seems so crazy-making is the entire point.

This is about keeping people demoralized and destabilized.

It’s about eliminating all confidence in Canada, and Western Civilization.

By Western Civilization, I’m referring to the long history of civilizations who have sought to expand the boundary of individual rights, human dignity, and rationality.

From Greece, to Rome, to the Renaissance, the British Empire (which had many positive aspects), to the United States, and countries like Canada, the Anglosphere, and beyond, the ideals of Western Civilization have been proven to build countries that are the most prosperous, the most free, and ironically, the most anti-racist.

It’s no coincidence that people from around the world seek to live in Western Civilization, because it is the most welcoming type of society on Earth. It’s no coincidence, as a civilization based on the idea of individual freedom and individual responsibility will (despite many setbacks and often straying far from those values), end up moving closer and closer to that ideal, an ideal which gives everyone the opportunity to be judged based on how they act, rather than how they were born.

So, for the government to be indoctrinating people with the idea that core values of Western Civilization are now ‘racism,’ is a direct assault on the foundation of our society.

The perfect way to undermine the West

If an enemy of Canada and the Western world had devised a way to weaken us from within, they couldn’t have come up with something better than this ‘anti-racist’ training that is being pushed.

It destroys confidence in our history – casting it all as bad rather than acknowledging both positives and negatives.

It makes people more divided, pushing suspicion and anger as people constantly search for the tiniest shred of racism in the actions of others.

It makes people doubt themselves, with well-meaning people on a communist-style ‘self-criticism’ search to find and ‘atone’ for their ‘racist wrongdoing.’

And, it specifically targets one race of people, who just so happen to be the majority of people in this country, by casting them as somehow the only people who can be racist, a clear recipe for generating hatred and division rather than understanding and unity.

China and other authoritarian regimes must be laughing at this, and salivating.

On Twitter, I mentioned how China must be laughing at this:

As China seeks to dominate the world economically and militarily, and as they indoctrinate their population with extremely aggressive hyper-nationalism that has zero nuance and expresses total confidence in their past (ignoring negative aspects and avoiding nuance), the Western world is tearing itself apart internally and destroying all confidence in our history and our values.

The irony of course is that as we obsess with how ‘bad we are,’ China is actually doing horrible things in real-time.

The fact is, both the approach in the West of totally undermining confidence in our values, and China’s approach of pushing total confidence are both flawed.

Both present a distorted picture that obscures real learning and growth.

Unfortunately, in a contest between a demoralized and doubting civilization, and a hyper-confident civilization, it’s obvious who will come out on top.

Thus, we must recognize that this so-called ‘anti-racist’ training is in fact deeply and dangerously anti-Canadian, and serves the interests of those who want our society to fail.

Common-sense people need to push back

There is a lot of fear in our society, particularly among many white people who are afraid to say anything lest they be slammed as ‘racist’.

That’s why there is strength in numbers, and why it’s important for people like myself who are of mixed race to also speak up about how dangerous and absurd this has all become.

We cannot let the foundation of our country be demolished, and we can not let our society be driven towards hatred and division by those who are obsessed with seeing racism everywhere.

The world is in a struggle between those who value freedom and individual rights, and those who want to drag us towards authoritarianism and oppression.

To ensure freedom succeeds, we must stop undermining ourselves and we must see our history and our values for all the strengths and nuance they contain.

Spencer Fernando


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