Regardless Of Gag Order To Silence Debate, Canadians Opposed To Bill C-10 Will Continue To Fight

All through the process of pushing C-10 through, the Liberal government has acted with a guilty conscience, evading the truth and attempting to deceive Canadians.

Politicians love to brag.

They love to talk about how they’re helping ‘save everyone’ or ‘fixing’ every problem.

So, when you see a politician, or an entire group of politicians in a government desperately try to ram something through, you can be certain they’re up to no good.

With Bill C-10, we have long had suspicions that it’s all about controlling the internet, expanding government power, and seeking to silence critics.

And those suspicions are completely confirmed, since they’re already silencing critics to try and ram it through.

The Liberals are imposing a gag order in Parliament to end further debate on C-10, with Bloc support:

The Liberals and Bloc voted in favour, giving the gag order 181 votes for, while the Conservatives and NDP voted against, with 147 MPs trying to stop it:

“As expected, the Bill C-10 gag order passes 181-147 with Liberal and Bloc support. Committee limited to 5 more hours. Many potential amendments will not be considered. This process to shut down committee work hasn’t been used in 20 years and never for this short period of time.”

As @LaurenceP81 accurately noted on Twitter, this is “the end of the open internet.”

Many Canadians fought back against this

This is certainly a disturbing moment for Canada.

Many Canadians – likely including you if you spoke out against it and spread the word about the danger of C-10 – fought back.

The Liberals faced immense pressure, with many of their MPs reportedly expressing doubt behind the scenes.

The Opposition also become much stronger in opposing Bill C-10, as the Conservatives had been relatively quiet for some time until Canadians started speaking up.

The Liberals were on track to have passed C-10 without any resistance which would have given them dangerously expanded government power without anyone noticing.

But that hasn’t happened.

Yes, they will pass it, but the fight many Canadians fought against it has made it impossible for the Liberals to hide it.

What they expected was a cakewalk and easy passage of C-10, but because many Canadians pushed back, the Liberals were reduced to using desperate tricks like the gag order, and needed Bloc support to shut down debate. C-10 may be popular in Quebec, but it is increasingly toxic politically in much of the rest of Canada.

So, don’t let anyone tell you the fight and the effort wasn’t worth it.

It still made a difference, and the fight is not over.

Liberals want to silence you because they fear open debate

As much as the Liberals are abusing government power, their schemes to ram through C-10 makes it clear that they fear your potential power.

After all, if they truly felt confident that they were doing the right thing as a government, why would they be seeking to control the internet?

Why would they shut down debate if they believed they were winning the argument?

The fact is, the Liberals (or at least many Liberal MPs), know what they are doing is wrong, and they know that it gets worse for them the more the debate continues and the more people like you push back and spread the word on the danger of Bill C-10.

The fight is not over

As we noted earlier, Bill C-10 has become toxic for the Liberals in much of the country.

Outside of Quebec, they don’t want to talk about it, hence the Liberal-Bloc alliance to shut down debate on it.

And that’s exactly why we need to keep talking about it, and keep up the pressure.

Notice how the Liberals and the left don’t give up when legislation passes that they disagree with. They keep fighting and fighting, while Conservatives often take a break in between elections, as the country drifts further and further left, and further towards statism.

In that way, Conservative Canadians need to do what the left has done, and keep on fighting.

Indeed, there is no reason to fear that this is over, because Bill C-10 has inadvertently awakened many Canadians to the danger the Trudeau government poses to free expression.

Those awakened by the danger of C-10 will not be going back to sleep, and the Liberals will have to contend with this new opposition for a long time to come.

The power of independent media and alternative viewpoints

Independent media in Canada continues to become stronger. As more Canadians learn that there are alternative viewpoints, and that the message from the government and establishment sources is merely a propaganda perspective rather than some sort of objective truth, the government finds it tougher to deceive people.

That’s exactly why they are pushing for things like C-10 in the first place:

The internet gives us the power to freely push back on government messaging, and organize with those who see through government dishonesty.

That’s what the Liberals want to stop and silence.

They envision a world where the government tells you what you can read, what you can see, and at some point, even what you can think.

But we can imagine a different world.

We can imagine a world where more and more Canadians are woken up to the assault on free expression, and where more and more people realize that the rights and freedoms our ancestors fought for can only be protected if we stand up for them.

Bill C-10 is the action of a scared government trying to cover up their fear with hubris, and in the seeds of their hubris they could indeed generate more opposition than they can ever hope to silence or control.

We still have our minds, we still have our voices, and we still have our connections to those who value freedom and will stand for free expression. If the Liberals think passing C-10 will end opposition to their plans, they are completely wrong.

We aren’t going anywhere, and the fight against C-10 will continue.

Spencer Fernando


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