Ontario Reversal On Math Curriculum Demonstrates Power Of Pushback Against Radical Ideologies

The far-left likes to claim something isn’t happening, and then instantly pivot to saying it’s good that it’s happening. By refusing to give in to that gaslighting narrative, common-sense people can demonstrate power and influence.

As I regularly talk about, the far-left neo-coms want people to be demoralized.

The sense that the neo-communists are ‘unstoppable’ stops people from resisting and pushing back, which is exactly what radicals want.

And yet, we continue to see examples of how common-sense people can push back and demonstrate influence.

For example, growing pushback has convinced many Canadian Premiers to oppose vaccine passports, and the fact that there is pushback has demonstrated that freedom still retains importance:

“In much of the world, there is no real ‘fight’ or ‘debate’ over rights and freedoms, governments simply take them away without any question.

Many of the elites likely thought that was going to happen in the West, but they are now finally being challenged by a growing number of people who are emerging from a fear-based mindset and realizing how far our ‘leaders’ have gone in trying to centralize power and control.

Freedom in Canada and the Western world has certainly been weakened, but it remains alive, and we can help it go grow stronger and return to prominence once again.”

The importance of fighting back

We have seen another example of the importance of fighting back and refusing to be demoralized in how the Ontario government has reversed itself on changes to the math curriculum.

Here’s what the government had planned to inject into the curriculum:

An equitable mathematics curriculum recognizes that mathematics can be subjective.

Mathematics is often positioned as an objective and pure discipline. However, the content and the context in which it is taught, the mathematicians who are celebrated, and the importance that is placed upon mathematics by society are subjective. Mathematics has been used to normalize racism and marginalization of non-Eurocentric mathematical knowledges, and a decolonial, anti-racist approach to mathematics education makes visible its historical roots and social constructions. The Ontario Grade 9 mathematics curriculum emphasizes the need to recognize and challenge systems of power and privilege, both inside and outside the classroom, in order to eliminate systemic barriers and to serve students belonging to groups that have been historically disadvantaged and underserved in mathematics education.”

The move generated widespread opposition, with many – including myself – pointing out that the curriculum represented the embrace of a radical, far-left worldview that has absolutely no place in a math curriculum or in schools at all whatsoever:

“It pushes a worldview that links race and math, pushes divisive anti-European sentiment into the realm of what is supposed to be objective learning, and then gets into talk of a ‘decolonial, anti-racist’ approach to math.

As you know well, none of that has anything to do with math.

It does however have a lot to do with demoralizing young people, making them hate their country, making them hate Western Civilization, and bringing up a generation of people that will seek to oppose Western Capitalist Democracies – opening things up for a radical far-left ideology to dominate at all levels.”

Widespread pushback from people like you and articles and tweets like I and others published helped to wake up many people to what was going on, and has led to the Ontario government reversing itself on the curriculum:

Ontario has removed language about racism and colonialism from text accompanying its math curriculum.

The government would not confirm when the changes were made, but they appear to have followed the publication of recent media reports that highlighted a section referring to the content, context and importance of math as subjective.

It had said “mathematics has been used to normalize racism and marginalization of non-Eurocentric mathematical knowledges, and a decolonial, anti-racist approach to mathematics education makes visible its historical roots and social constructions.”

That section has been removed from the preamble to the curriculum, as have mentions of “anti-racist and anti-oppressive teaching and learning opportunities,” and “the colonial contexts of present-day mathematics education.”

Of course, as always with the left, they first deny that any dramatic changes are taking place, and then claim the changes are good. They’ve been claiming that ‘critical race theory’ and ‘equity ideology’ aren’t really real, or that people simply ‘don’t understand,’ what they are, but now they’re angry that it’s not being pushed in the math curriculum.

So which is it?

Is it not real, or is it real and the left is just angry people caught on to it?

Certainly, it’s the latter.

And as a result, predictably, the socialist NDP are angry at the far-left language being removed, with the NDP education critic saying the government was ‘appeasing’ “right-wing pals” by removing the radical-left language:

“The Grade 9 math program was changed specifically because Ontario had to finally recognize that the existing system treated Black, Indigenous and racialized students inequitably. It’s pretty clear we need more of an equity and anti-racism lens in schools, not less.”

Pay careful note to the use of the term ‘equity,’ as it is very different than the idea of equality of opportunity.

By ‘equity,’ the far-left refers to forced equality of outcome, which often means purposely restricting and holding back high-achieving individuals and pushing everyone to the same level. Further, ‘equity’ ends up requiring excessive government power and centralization, and is a key concept in the radical-left, neo-communist push for the elimination of individual freedom that has characterized the nations of the Western world.

So, if the NDP is angry that language on ‘equity’ and ‘racism’ is being removed, it’s a clear sign that the Ontario government got it right by reversing their earlier plan.

Have confidence

At this moment, regular Canadians are being subjected to a barrage of guilt and demonization that is unprecedented in Canada’s history. The goal of that guilt-based campaign is to demoralize you, cause you to give up, and simply allow radicals to reshape our nation and take total power.

The last thing they want is for you to be confident, and be willing to speak up for common-sense and push back against all the craziness that is taking place.

Which is exactly why confidence is so important right now.

Confident, common-sense Canadians who value freedom, respect the nuances and the many positive aspects of Canada’s history, and who want to preserve the basic principles that made Canada a strong country are exactly what we need right now.

“I’m pleased to report that Ontario has deleted all of the strange (& irrelevant) anti-racist rhetoric from the new math curriculum preamble, after progressive activists boasted about its inclusion. The tide is starting to turn against this nonsense, in part thanks to Twitter.”


“(we’ve also seen a big pushback against the insane progressive fringe that’s arguing for burning churches, erasing history, teaching that biological sex is a myth, & abolishing police forces. Progressive politics has existed in a fever-dream state for a while. it’s wake-up time)”


And as we have seen above, we have the power to push back and make a real difference, even in the face of the radical agenda being pushed seemingly all over the place.

You, and common-sense people across Canada, still have power and influence, and we must have the strength and confidence to use it.

Spencer Fernando

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