Trudeau Doesn’t Get To Divide The Country And Then Pretend He’s The Victim

We must not allow Trudeau to get away with pretending he’s a passive observer or victim of the rising level of anger in Canada. He has divided the nation for his own selfish political gain, and that has led Canada to this moment.

Justin Trudeau started the election campaign by trying to divide Canadians on the issue of vaccinations and vaccine passports.

Earlier in the year, Trudeau had said Canada isn’t a country that mandates vaccinations.

But when the campaign started, he changed his tune, pushing vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations.

He did this to try and win more votes, showing a complete lack of character and decency as he politicized vaccines and used the rights and freedoms of Canadians as part of his cynical political games.

Trudeau then gave an angry and divisive speech where he demonized unvaccinated Canadians – a straight up attempt to divide the country, turn a group of Canadians into a targeted group, and use that targeted group as an ‘excuse’ to deflect anger and hatred towards a ‘politically-convenient’ target.

“If you don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s your choice. But don’t think you can get on a plane or a train beside vaccinated people and put them at risk!”

That’s the most obvious fear-mongering we’ve seen in a very long time in Canadian politics, and it is disgusting.

Trudeau then attacked the Conservatives on abortion – repeating the same old lie they’ve been using for years.

Then, Trudeau claimed – again falsely – that the Conservatives would privatize healthcare.

As I noted, Trudeau’s entire campaign is based on lies:

“Having lied constantly in office, Trudeau is now reduced to doubling and tripling-down on lies to try and stay in office.

As we can see, the more desperate he and the Liberals get, the more obvious the lies become.

Not only do they show contempt for Canadians with the endless deception, but they are tacitly admitting their own failure as a government.

If you have a strong record, and if people are happy with your performance, you don’t need to lie about your opponents.

It’s only when a leader is weak, and when people are waking up to their tricks that lies run rampant.”

Also, Trudeau tried blaming Harper for Canada’s humiliating failure to protect those who stood with us in Afghanistan:

“Question by @glen_mcgregor: What will you do to help Canadian citizens left behind in Kabul?

Trudeau: Stephen Harper dislikes Syrians”

Further, in his latest ad, Trudeau attacks the Conservatives for not having all their candidates vaccinated, despite having had to recently admit that the Liberals also have unvaccinated candidates:

“On Friday, @JustinTrudeau had to admit that not all of his candidates have had both shots and waited two weeks – that means they are unvaccinated. He also held an event that violated Ontario’s COVID restrictions.

Now he has an ad like this?

COVID is only a wedge for him.”

And that brings us to the protests that have been increasingly prevalent at Trudeau events.

A divisive leader, a divided nation

As we’ve seen above, Justin Trudeau is doing everything possible to divide Canadians. When a leader with a large national platform decides to take that path, the result is that the nation ends up being bitterly divided.

Trudeau wanted some Canadians to fear and hate other Canadians, because he saw that as being in his political interest.

Yet now, as that anger manifests itself, he’s acting as if he is somehow shocked.

And as he always does, the consequences of his own actions always somehow end up being a ‘chance for reflection’ for ‘all of us’:

“Reporter: “Have you played a role in inflaming some of the rhetoric that has now enveloped this campaign?”

Trudeau: “Perhaps the desire to bring Canadians together is at odds with the desire and responsibility we have to keep Canadians safe.””

“”We all need to reflect on whether or not we do want to go down that path of anger, of division, of intolerance … this is something that Canadians, all of us, need to reflect on, because it’s not who we are as a country””

“The desire to bring Canadians together”?


Does this guy really expect people to believe this?

It’s like with the blackface scandal.

Somehow, Trudeau wearing blackface was a ‘learning opportunity’ for ‘all Canadians.’

Online, many Canadians expressed their feelings on Trudeau’s hypocrisy and refusal to take responsibility for the division he’s created, along with ripping the establishment media for going along with Trudeau’s victim-narrative:

“Some journalists’ tweets yesterday made it sound like they were facing off against throngs of Taliban militants instead of a few dozen angry Canadian moms yelling nasty things at a politician. Get a grip boys and girls.”

“Pathetic media tried to trap o toole to say it was ok to heckle trudeau, media campaigning for trudeau , spinning it as it not ok to protest trudeau, something you would expect from the Chinese or Russian media, canadians have a right to protest and heckle trudeau, toddler pm”

“Once again Trudeau blames Canadians and says we must reflect. It is time you reflected Trudeau not us. We have had enough.”

“He has fuelled a lot of the anger and division. This is a direct result of that. Once we get some competent leadership people won’t be living in a pressure cooker anymore and people will return to our Canadian way of life. We just have to get past him.”

“This is Trudeau’s Canada. He manifested this. And now he’s trying to use it to score points.

He and his hateful band of miscreants have spent six years demonizing, insulting, disrespecting and strategically dividing Canadians.

What did they expect would be the outcome?”

“Trudeau thinks the protests he’s been experiencing are dangerous?

What does he think the Canadians, he left stranded in Kabul are feeling?

Man up buddy!”

Media narrative defending Trudeau

Much of the media is now pushing the Trudeau-victim narrative, acting as if the anger is ‘unprecedented’ and ‘not like we’ve seen in Canada.’

And yet, they are apparently ignoring the fact that – just a week ago – Justin Trudeau himself was calling on Canadians to be INFURIATED at his opponents:

“Just a week ago, Trudeau wanted Canadians to be infuriated. What changed bro?”

“Trudeau wanted Canadians to be INFURIATED when it served his interests. Now, when it turns out Canadians are infuriated in opposition to him, it’s a ‘moment of reflection’ for the country. Pathetic.”

This is why Canadians are so angry at Trudeau.

The sanctimony.

The hypocrisy.

The deception.

The victim-narrative that blames others for the consequences of his actions.

This is also why we need independent media, because people like me will continue to hold Trudeau accountable and point out his lies, instead of going along with the establishment press narrative that gives Trudeau a free pass for the destructive and divisive political environment he has created.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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