Government Picking Who Gets Exemptions To Restrictions Means They See Your Rights As A Joke

How the hell have we gotten to a place where we give so much authority to people who are supposed to work for us?

One of the key things about ‘rights’ are that they apply to all, not just those who politicians may favour in a specific circumstance.

Indeed, the key difference between supposedly free and unfree nations is the degree to which rights are broadly applied and out of the hands of politicians.

In communist authoritarian states, your ‘rights’ don’t exist at all, and are merely privileges given out by those in power.

In democratic, capitalist states, your rights are supposed to be guaranteed by constitutions and the rule of law.

Yet, as we have seen, governments in Canada at all levels and across the political spectrum have decided to dispense with any pretense of defending our rights and freedoms.

Our supposed rights clearly don’t exist in any true sense of the term.

Sure, they exist in our minds, and in the concept of the kind of country we may have thought we were living in.

But in reality, we have to acknowledge that our rights perhaps never really existed if they have been so easily taken away.

Only by acknowledging this harsh reality can we begin to push for the changes that would actually entrench our rights and freedoms and limit government power.

To get a sense of how politicians have distorted and destroyed what we once considered ironclad rights, take a look at the following:

“When the Ontario government released its latest restrictions and public health measures, seven different organizations in the province were given ‘elite amateur’ status in the return-to-play format.

Athletes training for the Olympics and Paralympics and select professional and elite amateur sport leagues will be exempt.”

“Those ‘elite’ leagues include the CHL, PWHL, U18 Elite Baseball, Jr. A Lacrosse, League 1 soccer, Women’s Field Lacrosse U19, and OSBA Basketball.

Ontario University Athletics (OUA) was once again excluded.”

This means that those not designated as ‘elite’ are unable to play or train:

“It’s not just the showdown or layoff that has players pessimistic about a return.

The biggest issue now for the athletes under the new classification is not being able to practice or train with their teams during this break.

“It’s pretty tough pill to swallow yesterday seeing that news and especially with other leagues being deemed elite amateur,” says Brendan Bornstein, a men’s hockey player at the University of Toronto.”

One thing you’ll notice in statements when various groups or associations talk about restrictions is that they don’t ever focus on the broader issue of government power. If government didn’t have the power to impose lockdowns and restrictions than none of this would be an issue.

Ongoing hypocrisy

Of course, NHL players can continue to use indoor facilities to train and practice, and NHL games are continuing.

After all, the NHL is popular in Canada, so THE SCIENCE must surely allow NHL athletes to keep practicing while the rest of the public is banned from gyms and other athletic activities.

The hypocrisy extends to the swimming world, as reported by

“As part of the new restrictions, indoor sports training is closed with “limited exceptions and conditions.” The first example given for those limited exceptions is “athletes training for Olympics and Paralympics.”

This means that athletes based out of the High Performance Center and other such elite swimmers will be spared from the ban, most of Swim Ontario’s other 17,000+ registered swimmers will be forced out of the water. It’s unclear exactly where the line will be drawn, though previously, swimmers at the High Performance Center were allowed to train, while others weren’t.”

On Twitter, Aaron Wudrick noted how absurd this all is:

“This Omicron variant is truly remarkable. It won’t infect Olympic swimmers, who can continue training. But it’s apparently too dangerous to take my kids to the (capacity-limited) pool. SCIENCE!”

It is indeed quite amazing how THE SCIENCE manages to shift and change into whatever form serves the interest of the politicians the most.

As a quick aside, I’ll note that (while most who read this website on a regular basis know this already), that politicians are ultimately responsible for all of these restrictions. They don’t have to take the advice of public health officials, and they control who is appointed to those jobs in the first place.

Why does government have the power to do this?

Now that we can clearly see that THE SCIENCE is meaningless due to all the political manipulation, and that hypocrisy runs rampant, the question is how we ended up in this situation in the first place.

And the fact is, we are here because many Canadians have given in to fear, and – even before covid – saw government as a substitute parental figure, there to absolve them of responsibility over their own lives.

Thus, many of those who have done everything the government told them, and have been betrayed and tricked over and over again, are unwilling to acknowledge this, and would rather pin all their blame and anger on unvaccinated Canadians and on those who criticize the power of the state. Politicians love this as well, since it redirects anger away from their own failures. It’s why they love lockdowns so much, since it keeps us all more isolated and significantly damages mental health.

“The politicians want us isolated and angry at each other, rather than focusing our attention on the government.”

A massive mental shift

In a free country, government is supposed to be our servant.

That’s where the idea of ‘public service’ and ‘public servants’ comes from in the first place.

Clearly, that’s no longer the case.

The combination of power-hungry politicians, a fearful populace, and a long-fostered Canadian overdependence on the state, has turned politicians into our rulers, not servants, and those rulers have taken away our rights.

Those in power see our rights as a joke which they can give away, or take away, whenever they choose.

That’s why there must be a massive mental shift in this country, a shift that recognizes the necessity of the Canadian People asserting our rights and freedoms over the abusive centralized state and putting the government back into the role of servants.

Spencer Fernando


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