If Our Institutions Can’t Get The Basics Right, Why Should We Trust Them?

Lamenting the loss of trust in institutions without looking at the reason trust was lost is completely backwards.

Let’s go through the current situation facing Canada.

Inflation is surging.

Wages can’t keep up with rising prices, meaning Canadians are getting poorer and poorer.

The housing market has been severely distorted. In a country that is almost all empty space, housing is somehow scarce and shockingly expensive.

Our healthcare system was revealed to be far weaker than most expected.

Our military is brutally underfunded, leaving Canada vulnerable.

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces are being told to contact Habitat for Humanity as a growing number of people in the military can’t find affordable housing.

Officials are warning that Canada isn’t prepared for national security threats.

A large number of Canadians still can’t get on trains and planes, with this country one of the few to retain such draconian restrictions.

In short, life is less affordable, we are less free, and we are less safe.

Failing at the basics

Our institutions like the Government of Canada and the Bank of Canada have failed at their most basic task.

It’s not that they’ve failed to execute some complex plan, they’ve failed at the most fundamental aspects of their jobs.

Our taxes go up and up, while our standard of living goes down and our freedom erodes.

Our ‘brilliant’ central bankers make mistake after mistake – with severe financial consequences for millions of Canadians – and then get to keep their jobs and avoid accountability.

Our institutions are allowed to fail and fail, all while anyone who dares to question them is lectured.

Totally backwards

Here’s where the role of another failed institution comes in:

The establishment media.

Rather than speak truth to power, much of the media now speaks power to truth. They’ve become an extension of the government propaganda apparatus, and are thus dependent upon the government.

As a result, they seek to counter any criticism of our institutions.

One of their key ways of doing so is to ignore the responsibility institutions have in maintaining their own credibility, and instead blame those who question those institutions.

Consider that there wouldn’t be any real criticism of our institutions if they were doing their jobs well.

If the cost-of-living was going down, if life was becoming more affordable, if our healthcare system was strong, if our national defense was secure, and if our freedoms were being protected, then there would be strong faith in Canada’s institutions.

Nobody would be criticizing the Bank of Canada if they had done their job and kept inflation manageable.

And if governments had protected our rights and freedoms rather than give in to fear and division, Canada would be a much less angry place.

It is the failure of our institutions that has led to their huge loss of trust, and blaming those who notice this is completely backwards.

Our institutions have a responsibility to do their jobs well – that is what those who run them are paid to do.

When they fail, we have every right to demand accountability, to reform those institutions, and to replace key personnel.

That is part of the democratic process, and only through that process can we turn Canada away from our dangerously misguided course.

Spencer Fernando


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