The More Authoritarian Trudeau Becomes, The More The Establishment Press Will Try Projecting That Negativity Onto Poilievre

Canadians must see through this.

If a politician is calling for lower taxes, enhanced individual freedom, a government focused on core tasks rather than micromanaging everything, sound money to prevent inflation from stealing your earning power, and an end to endless restrictions on freedom, there are many words that could be used to describe them.

Fascist, is not one of them.

In fact, what I described above is about as opposite from fascism as it gets.

Fascists – like communists – were notoriously statist. They were obsessed with the state, obsessed with centralizing power, obsessed with making everyone conform to a certain utopian vision of the future.

Fascists and communists were both deeply opposed to individual freedom and economic freedom, as they wanted the state to be put above all.

The only real difference between communists and fascists is that communists divided society by class, while fascist tended to divide society by race.

So, let’s think about this for a moment.

Dividing society, opposing economic freedom, expanding the power of the state, centralizing control and authority, demanding conformity to a utopian vision.

Doesn’t that sound quite a lot like the Trudeau government?

And weren’t their actions in imposing the Emergencies Act – which we now know was based on lies – exactly what you would expect from an authoritarian government?

What about their attempts to use the RCMP to exploit a tragedy and push their political agenda?

Indeed, we can see the truth here:

The Trudeau government is pushing Canada in an increasingly anti-freedom, authoritarian direction, a direction that – if continued – would cause Canada to resemble nations we would call fascist or communist.

How is the establishment press responding to this reality?

By projecting all of Trudeau’s authoritarianism onto pro-freedom politician Pierre Poilievre.

Consider this Tweet:

As Ben Woodfinden said on Twitter, this is the latest example of the media going crazy over innocuous statements from Poilievre:

The unhinged, crazy reaction is in response to Pierre Poilievre talking about the importance of Canadians reclaiming Freedom:

This is where things are in Canada today:

A politician talks about promoting freedom, and the media calls him a fascist.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau government becomes more and more authoritarian every day, and the media gives them a free pass.

And even worse than giving them a free pass, the media has abandoned their role in holding the government accountable and instead serves to push the Liberal propaganda line.

The more authoritarian Trudeau becomes, the more the media projects that onto Poilievre.

Much of the media is directly bought-off by the state. And, it just so happens that co-opting and controlling the media is a hallmark of fascist/communist states.

So, in their effort to promote the Trudeau agenda, and in their demonization of politicians like Pierre Poilievre, the media are themselves moving Canada closer to the fascism they claim to be fighting against.

The more this happens, the more Canadians must have the strength and courage to see through the deception, and recognize that Canada needs independent media and pro-freedom politicians to turn the tide against those who are trying to steal our rights and liberties.

Spencer Fernando

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