The Liberal Media Thinks You Shouldn’t Fight Back When They Attack You

Do you agree? Would you allow them to do that to you?

Watching the reaction to the Pierre Poilievre campaign ‘daring’ to stand up for themselves has been quite illuminating.

As I noted in a previous article, Global News was clearly setting up a hitjob piece on Poilievre.

Yet, rather than meekly going along with it, the Poilievre campaign fought back, slamming Global News as a “Liberal-mouthpiece.”

In response, much of the establishment press have become unhinged, seemingly shocked that someone would defend themselves against media attacks.

Here’s what the establishment is saying:

“Watch this.

Every CPC MP and senior influential Conservative needs to speak up right now about Pierre Poilievre’s targeting of a single reporter.

The purpose is to punish Rachel Gilmore & intimidate the press.

It’s beneath us as a nation.”

“This is so disgusting, cheap, and dangerous. Shame on Poilievre, his campaign, and its enablers.

We see you. We know what you’re doing. We won’t let you forget.”

And of course, they’re trying to insinuate that criticizing the media leads to “attacks”:

“Presumably if/when this prompts attacks on the journalist in question that cross the line, he’ll counter that he’s not responsible for every one of his supporters. This kind of thing can only end well.”

They can attack you, but you can’t attack them

Of course, when we speak of “attacks” here we are speaking rhetorically. Nobody should be condoning violence.

When considering both the attack on Poilievre, and the way the establishment is responding to his willingness to fight back, one thing becomes obvious:

They think they should be able to attack you, but you shouldn’t be able to respond.

They think they should be able to say anything about you, ask the same question over and over again, insinuate that you are ‘racist,’ ‘bigoted,’ ‘fascist,’ and a bunch of other insults, but the moment you criticize them in response you are “going too far,” or are “dangerous.”

They envision a completely one-sided power relationship, where they have all the power, and you have none of it.

They want to act like propagandists for the Trudeau Liberals, while relentlessly attacking the Opposition.

They want you to be at their mercy, forced to respond to their narrative, forced to play the game their way, and forced to give in to whatever propaganda message they are trying to push.

The question for all of is this:

Will we let them get away with it?

In a world where social media has enabled each of us to share our thoughts, speak up for the truth, and push back against the narratives of the establishment press, the fact is that we don’t have to put up with it. We don’t have to let them get away with it.

Sure, they are free to say what they want, and even bad reporting is still free speech.

But they can’t then turn around and claim that their critics don’t get to speak out and push back.

And this is what makes the establishment media so dangerous.

Rather than embrace free speech and the empowering nature of social media, they are throwing their lot in with the increasingly-authoritarian Trudeau government, taking media bailouts, becoming dependent on the state, and going along with government efforts to control social media, censor the internet, and silence dissent.

The establishment press now spends much of their time trying to weaken your rights and freedoms, while serving as propagandists for the Liberals.

It’s a key reason why Canadians continue to lose trust in the press, and why our fellow Citizens are abandoning the establishment media in droves.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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