Negative Impressions Of Jagmeet Singh Have Surged

Propping up the Liberal government and endless appeals to ignorance don’t seem to be working out for the NDP Leader.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has long been the most positively-viewed federal party leader.

This is often the case with NDP leaders, as they go around the country talking about how more money should be spent on everything, and spending money tends to be popular – at least theoretically.

Yet, that popularity often doesn’t translate into votes, because many voters understand that being ‘nice’ and ‘generous’ with other people’s money isn’t the same as having what it takes to lead a country.

That has been true for Jagmeet Singh, has twice failed to recapture either the popular vote or seat count the NDP acheived under Tom Mulcair in 2015.

Singh has been personally popular in the polls since becoming NDP Leader, but voters haven’t sought to give his party a significant number of seats.

But now, even Singh’s personal popularity is fading.

According to a new Abacus poll, impressions of Jagmeet Singh are now even.

34% have a positive impression of him, while 34% have a negative impression.

This is notable, because in February of 2022 that number was 39% positive and 26% negative.

Incoherent, hypocritical, and ignorant

It’s notable that the decline of Singh’s image among Canadians coincides with his adoption of an increasingly ignorant, hypocritical, and incoherent approach.

Singh has tried to blame inflation on “greedy CEOs,” completely ignoring the role of money printing and excessive government spending. While Singh’s ignorance of economic and monetary matters has resonated with some, it clearly falls flat among most Canadians.

Singh also spends much of his time criticizing the Liberal government even as he keeps them in power, which makes him look incompetent at best and shockingly hypocritical at worst.

This leads to incoherence in Singh’s messaging, in which he simultaneously blames the Liberal government for the problems in Canada while he votes with them over and over again.

Canadians are catching on to Singh’s political tactics, and they don’t like what they see.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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