Anti-Semitism Is For Losers

As the far-left and far-right are increasingly emboldened and willing to spread anti-Semitic hate, it’s important to remember that anti-Semites are the biggest losers in the world and deserve not only to be opposed, but also ridiculed.

Anti-Semitism is not only an increasingly dangerous form of hate, it is also deeply pathetic.

In fact, anti-Semitism is arguably the biggest ‘loser ideology’ on the planet.

This is important to remember as anti-Semites on the far-left attempt to rebrand their hatred as ‘pro-Palestinian’ or ‘decolonization,’ and as anti-Semites on the far-right attempt to rebrand their hatred as ‘nationalism’ or ‘putting – insert country name – first.’

Anti-Semites are losers.

Consider the German fascists.

After losing World War One, Germany chose to pin the blame on the supposed ‘stab in the back’ that ‘defeated’ their ‘victorious army.’ Of course, Germany had lost WWI and with America landing a large military force on the shores of Europe, Germany not only faced the prospect of total collapse on the home front, but the complete destruction of their remaining military power.

But rather than admit that they had lost fair and square, and rather than take their share of responsibility for the consequences of the events they had helped unleash on the world, Germany instead chose to embrace anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and pin all the blame on a tiny minority within their country.

This sick mindset led Germany to another even more brutal loss, but not before they killed six million Jewish People and set off the most horrific war in human history.

In many ways, the German fascist mindset can be seen today in much of the Middle East. When Israel was formed, it agreed to a partition plan that would have also established a Palestinian state – in addition to the state of Jordan which encompassed land traditionally thought of as ‘Palestinian.’

This was the original partition plan:

Israel agreed to this plan, while the Palestinians and Arab states rejected it.

Instead of taking the deal, the Palestinians and Arab states launched a war to destroy Israel – a war that should be understood as being of genocidal intent.

Israel managed to survive and win, and gained more territory. Israel had every right to take that territory, as aggressors like the Palestinians Arab nations that attacked Israel obviously forfeited their right to complain about losing territory just as Germany couldn’t complain about losing territory after they lost World War Two.

This process repeated itself over and over again: Israel was attacked by the Palestinians and Arab states, managed to survive, and then took territory from the aggressors.

That is not ‘colonialism’ any more than it was ‘colonialism’ for Germany or Japan to give up territory after losing their aggressive genocidal wars of conquest.

So, the Arabs and Palestinians repeatedly sought to destroy Israel, ended up being losers in those efforts, and then complained about losing territory.

And, Israel often gave back territory they ‘took’ in defensive wars, such as the Sinai peninsula and Gaza. Israel’s return of territory and willingness to sign new peace deals was often ‘rewarded’ with more terrorism and violence from the Palestinians, Arab states, and Iranian-sponsored terror groups.

Israel’s only historic ‘crime’ then is to survive repeated attempts by their neighbours to destroy them, which obviously is no crime at all.

So, the far-left anti-Semites who accuse Israel of being ‘imperialist’ are not only dead wrong, they are also pathetic losers for making such a garbage claim.

You will also notice, looking at the far-left rallies against Israel, that many of rally goers are significant failures in their own lives. They don’t have much except their hate for Israel and their hate towards Jewish People, who they blame for their own failures.

The far-right anti-Semites are also losers. They pathetically blame Israel for the supposed failure of their own ‘racial group’ to prosper and succeed. Instead of looking at people as individuals, and instead of looking at aspects of their own ‘racial group’ and culture that could be leading to poor outcomes, they instead just choose to blame Jewish People.

The loser mindset

On both the left and right then, we see a completel absence of any kind of willingness to take responsibility. The leftists and ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups blame Israel for surviving repeated genocidal wars waged against them. The far-right blames Jewish People for succeeding even amid widespread hate, and blames Jewish People for the lack of success of whatever racial group the far-right identifies with.

In both cases, a tiny minority is demonized and attacked simply for surviving and thriving.

If it wasn’t so dangerous, and if it hadn’t led to so much death and suffering, anti-Semitism would be nothing more than a clear indicator of which people were losers and worthy of being totally dismissed. But, as history has shown, loser ideologies and loser mindsets can do massive damage and cause massive harm, which is why those of us who support the Jewish community and believe in things like personal responsibility must stand against the anti-Semites and ensure anti-Semitism is defeated.

Spencer Fernando


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