Those Who Hate Israel Also Hate Canada

You’ve surely noticed how hostile the ‘pro-Palestinian’ protesters are to the Canadian flag.

As Canadians, we are part of something special.

A nation built upon the ideals of Western Civilization, the most successful civilization human beings have ever managed to create.

Unfortunately, there are those within our nation who want to bring that civilization down.

And they just so happen to be the same people who have been chanting slogans of hate against Israel and against the Jewish community.

When confronted with symbols of the West, either the Canadian flag, the Israeli flag, or by pro-Western individuals standing up for the values of the Western world, the ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups become enraged.

Consider what happened to Salman Sima. Salman Sima is a proud Canadian, and someone who proudly promotes Western values. He was a dissident in Iran against the Islamist regime in that nation, and was jailed and tortured before being able to flee to Canada. He put his life on the line to stand up for the values we hold dear in the West, and he continues to stand up for those values in the face of intimidation from the pro-Hamas, pro-Iranian regime, anti-Western, and anti-Canadian mobs on the streets of Canadian cities:

Unfortunately, some of the authorities in Canada seem to be doing the same thing as we see in places like the United Kingdom – giving in to the intimidation of the anti-Western mobs – while unfairly focusing attention and enforcement Patriots who support the Western world:

He was even attacked for holding a flag representing pre-Islamic revolution Iran:

What is the connection?

Now, some may be wondering why those who are anti-Israel are also anti-Canada and anti-Western.

But when you think about it, there is a twisted logic to the whole thing.

Israel is the most successful nation in the Middle East in large part because it is a bastion of Western Civilization in the region.

People are freer to speak, freer to do business, and freer to live their lives as they see fit, than anywhere else in the region.

To acknowledge this however is to also acknowledge that things like democracy and capitalism are actually important and necessary for a country to truly flourish. And to acknowledge that would be to acknowledge that Western nations didn’t get rich through plundering others, but became rich through a specific set of values and institutions that can be learned and replicated.

All of this flies in the face of the ‘oppressed vs oppressor’ narrative of the far-left.

Just like how the far-left ‘environmentalist movement’ isn’t really about the environment but rather about finding a way to impose socialism, the ‘pro-Palestinian’ movement isn’t really about human rights, it’s about taking down the Western world and imposing a socialist/Islamist regime.

After all, if you’re trying to overthrow a democratic capitalist nation and impose a socialist or Islamist regime, you first have to make sure

As you’ve noticed, the ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups don’t care when a million Muslim People are put in concentration camps by China, and they don’t care about massive displacement of Afghans in Pakistan.

Instead, they only care when Israel – and by extension the Western world – can be demonized.

While much of this is obviously rampant anti-Semitism – which is endemic in the Middle East and is a key feature of radical Islamist movements – there is also a deeply anti-Western worldview on display here.

This is our fight

All of this is important to understand, because we have to realize that Israel’s fight is also our fight.

Many Canadians may understandably think this has nothing to do with us, and that we can just ‘leave it alone,’ but that view is misguided because those who hate Israel also hate Canada and also hate the Western world, and they won’t just leave Canada alone.

They are already here, already within our nation, and they are already working to turn our society into a totalitarian anti-freedom regime.

They’ve been helped in their attack on our society by years of demonization of the West from within, from politicians like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh who see the West as an ‘oppressor’ rather than seeing it as what it is – the greatest civilization in human history. And so, they’ve made significant progress in weakening our society.

With time running out to protect our nation, it is essential for all of us who love this country to cast off the unearned guilt that anti-Western politicians and radical activists have tried to heap upon us, and instead embrace the confidence and strength that comes from defending Western Values and defending the foundation upon which Canada is based.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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