Steven Guilbeault Admits Government Doesn’t Measure Emissions Reductions From Carbon Tax

Canadians are getting screwed over.

The carbon tax has never been about the climate.

It’s always been about weakening the Canadian economy to drive down our living standards, extracting wealth from individuals and private businesses and shifting it to the government, concentrating power in the hands of the government, and virtue-signalling on the world stage.

We must also remember that the policy was implemented through rampant deception. Ahead of two elections (2015 & 2019), the Liberals promised over and over again that the carbon tax wouldn’t rise above $50 a ton.

They broke that promise, and it now rises year after year.

They also made it obvious that the tax was a punishment-based political policy, when they gave exemptions on home heating oil to Liberal-friendly parts of the country while refusing to give those same exemptions to the rest of the country.

And now – as if the policy wasn’t already obviously a fraud – eco-Communist Steven Guilbeault admitted that the government doesn’t track emissions reductions from the carbon tax:

“With regard to (e), the government does not measure the annual amount of emissions that are directly reduced by federal carbon pricing. Retroactively attributing specific GHG reductions to a specific action, such as carbon pricing, a discrete regulation, or a specific incentive, is difficult given the multiple interacting factors that influence emissions, including carbon pricing, tax incentives, funding programs, investor preferences and consumer demand. The National Inventory Report, which reports annually on historical GHG emissions, does not include this information.”

There it is.

The government doesn’t even measure the impact of the carbon tax on emissions, yet they tell us all that the policy is supposedly needed to stop the planet from ‘burning.’

What an absolute farce.

Spencer Fernando


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